New Vanguard leadership unmasked

From Special Correspondent

Recently MDC leader, Nelson Chamisa was in the news for branding his supporters who partook in the 1 August 2018 demonstrations as being stupid.

He further made attempts to dissociate the demonstrators from his party.

Now that he has been invited to give evidence before the Mothlante Commission, one wonders whether Chamisa will continue with his child play of disowning the party’s supporters who in their numbers participated in the infamous demonstration.

It is only a fool who will believe that the MDC was not involved in the planning and execution of the 1 August 2018 demonstrations.

Whereas the majority of the founding members of the Vanguard are either now dead or somehow now incapacitated, a new leadership has arisen in the group and was behind the mishaps of August 1.

It is also shocking to see how senior MDC leaders claim that the rogue group was disbanded when it actually marched to Gwanzura Stadium during this year’s MDC anniversary celebrations.

Some of the names of the new look Vanguard include: Fortune Manyonga; Mathula Lusinga; Don Mavhudzi; Denford Ngadziore; Enock Mukudu, Jawe, Chanzi and Kedha.

Lusinga is the former MDC National Youth Assembly Vice Chair having held the post between 1999 and 2002. He fled the country in 2002 after orchestrating some acts of violence in Bulawayo.

A source close to the goings on at the MDC told ViewsFromMatopos that “Mathula Lusinga was in charge of the operations (1 August 2018 demonstration). Mathula flew from Tanzania to deal with the “issue” of defending the vote.”

 Mathula is married to former Freedom House Programs Manager Helen Barnes.

Another architect of the demonstrations was MDC losing candidate for Harare South, Shadrack Mashayamombe. He ferried youths from Harare South using hired commuter omnibuses. Some of the omnibuses were used to ferry quarry and stones into the CBD.

One Nyanzira, a former campaign manager for Jacob Mafume alongside Kapuya were also part of the rogue elements instrumental in the mayhem of 1 August 2018.

Besides, Harare South, the MDC drew some of its rogue elements from Epworth.

Lovemore Chinoputsa was also involved in ferrying of rowdy youths from other parts of Harare.

Enock Mukudu, Jawe, Chanzi and Kedha operate from Harvest House. This is the core group that is always being given beer by Amos Chibaya as payment to cause havoc whenever necessary. They are responsible for most of the Police attacks around Harvest House and the generality of the CBD.

Mukudu is part of a group of 14 Youths that were reportedly terrorising perceived enemies at Harvest House between 2002 and 2005. He is named in “MDC Commission of Inquiry into Disturbances at Party Headquarters” of May 2005.

In its findings, the Commission of Inquiry established that the group was occasionally used to carry out “security duties such as surveillance, assault, investigations, defence of HH and advance security details whenever the President (Tsvangirai) goes to address meetings and the National Chairman does the same.

Fortune Manyonga is also part of the new Vanguard leadership. Manyonga is always boasting that if it weren’t for the interventions of the soldiers, the rogue MDC youths “were prepared to go all the way.”

They were responsible for the burning of cars and ZANU PF offices in the CBD during the demonstration.

Don Mavhudzi has also caused a lot of havoc in Chitungwiza targeting ZANU PF cadres.

Denford Ngadziore was also part of the team. Just last week he spotted pictures of himself meeting members of Harare South in preparation for the party’s forthcoming demonstration. He is also part of the Tajamuka outfit.