USA gives thumps up to Zim’s policies

by Tariro Shava

President Emmerson Mnangagwa declared after the July 30 elections that Zimbabwe has to set a new narrative of more economics than politics.

Many could not believe the statesman’s wise words but President Mnangagwa remained firm on his word and to prove his point, he appointed technocrats into key Ministries of his new cabinet.

For him to meet his 2030 vision of changing the Zimbabwean economy into a middle class economy, President Mnangagwa needed a vibrant, dedicated team which was ready to work for the country if ever the vision was going to be realised. The team has not disappointed as every member is pulling their own weight to make things happen in the economy.

To that end the economic stabilisation plan by the Minister of Finance and Economic Development Prof Mthuli Ncube is ready bearing fruit hence, US Ambassador Nichols praise of the positive policies, which he said guarantee the economic revival of the country which has been in the doldrums for the past two decades.

In an interview at the Chase, Amb Nichols told the presenter that Zimbabwe’s new administration is making tremendously positive moves towards economic boom of the country.

The Ambassador applauded President Mnangagwa for heeding the call to set up the Kgalema Motlanthe led Commission to look into into the August 1 violence.

However, various MDC cronies who do not want to hear any positive news coming out of Zimbabwe as long as they are not in power have swarmed the Ambassador attacking him over his decision to praise the new dispensation’s policies.

One Elvis Mugari attacked Amb Nichols for praising the policies and labelling them as sound and tremendously positive.

He responded with an article titled “US Ambassador to Zim, H.E. Nichols is proving to be a big joke and a pontificator” where he pointed out that he was very unapologetic for the article for he has used the apt and correct words.

Meanwhile, former Zimpapers editor Edmund Kudzayi, a fierce critic of President Mnangagwa defended the Ambassador advancing that he is a fine diplomat who calls a spade a spade and that it was wrong for Mugari to attack the Ambassador,

In fact, in rare departure from his usual rhetoric, Kudzayi hailed President Mnangagwa’s administration for taking bold steps in liberalising the environment as compared to former President Robert Mugabe’s rule,

 He wrote; “Mnangagwa is certainly better than Mugabe in the sense that although he may be perceived to be more vicious, more dangerous and thuggish than Mugabe, he has made commitments whether sincere or not to re-engagement the international community and to reform the country from the true Mugabeism ideology and practices.  No rational person can legitimately argue that amount of harassment that was a constant characteristic of the Mugabe era has reduced for the better. In fact, publications like Karigoga that I am involved in would have been banned long ago.”

Zimbabwe is poised for great economic revival; Zimbabweans should not be left behind.