ZANU PF conference, a necessary event

By Peacemaker Zano

The ruling party, ZANU PF’s 17th National People’s conference which ran under the theme, ‘Zimbabwe is Open for Business’: In Unity, Peace Towards an Upper Middle Class Economy by 2030 is an important event in the country’s calendar as it helps in shaping the country’s future through decisions and resolutions passed that guide Government on the best possible solutions in building the nation.

The developments that will come out of the ZANU PF conference will not only bring profound impacts on the country’s economic and social development in the coming years, but will also generate significant outcomes at a global scale, given that the nation is in a period of engaging with other nations in terms of trading.

Whilst addressing a Central Committee pre-conference meeting that was recently held in Harare, President Emmerson Mnangagwa highlighted that this year’s conference will focus on the strengths and weaknesses of the Party so as to plan ahead.

In his speech, President Mnangagwa said, “Our conference must introspect our successes and failures so we plan development.” Therefore, it is worth to note that positive planning is only done after assessing the previous situation, and as such the ZANU PF conference becomes the best platform to introspect for a better future.

It cannot be denied that ZANU PF is a focused party. As the ruling party, ZANU PF members should make sure that they are united and committed to be people-centred servants. If the party works in harmony, it will continue to comprehensively work towards ensuring and improving living standards of citizens through development.

It’s expected that at the national people’s conference, ZANU PF will call for the fostering of stronger confidence in the new Government as a way of luring investors. Remember, investors only prefer to do business in an environment which is safe and secure.  As such, the conference will certainly focus on ensuring that there is long term stability in both the party and Government to enhance an economic, political certainty.

President Mnangagwa said ZANU PF must continually transform itself and be in sync with modernity. This could mean that the ruling party should work on guiding principles such as innovation, coordination, openness and inclusiveness in fixing and growing the economy.

It’s pleasing to note is that the revolutionary party rejuvenated itself by eliminating notorious elements from the party who were causing unnecessary squabbles that were affecting the progress and growth of the party and consequently, the country.

Since President Mnangagwa assumed office as the First Secretary and President of ZANU PF in November last year, his emphasis has been on reviving the economy. Apparently, a number economic development projects are being implemented. For instance, there is massive road rehabilitation nationwide. It is therefore the duty of the ZANU PF leadership in all the country’s provinces to check on the progress being done and advise accordingly.

At the pre-conference meeting, President Mnangagwa highlighted that the ZANU PF Government is working on infrastructure projects which includes the dualisation of the Beitbridge and Chirundu-Harare highway. This depicts that the ruling Government is all hands on deck to achieve the 2030 vision of making the country a middle income economy.

So, the narrative by ZANU PF detractors and opposition elements that the ruling party was wasting funds at their conference is baseless. As a people’s centred party, ZANU PF should not hesitate to engage, plan and discuss matters that contributes to the growth of the economy.