Lest we forget

By Dakarai Tembo

It is only days before Zimbabwe celebrates the selfless sacrifices by both the living and departed ‘sons and daughters of the soil’ who snatched the country from the snares of colonialism through the protracted liberation war.

The story of Zimbabwe is not new to the region as she fought fearlessly to extricate herself from the evil grip of servitude which her children suffered under the white minority rule. So much blood and life was lost amid unforgettable wailing of pain as the people collectively dreamt of brighter days after the struggle.

As the Christians would have it, there is certainly no need to repeatedly crucify Jesus Christ on the cross by sinning again and again.

 A look at the current ‘Economic Chimurenga’ by Government through the ‘Austerity Measures’, Zimbabwe is certainly undertaking a struggle of paramount importance to fulfil the political independence. In this regard, there is no place for the ‘economic Morrison Nyathi’ who would want to take advantage of the revolution to push for their personal interests. By so doing, persecuting Zimbabweans and taking them through the same suffering they endured during the days of the liberation struggle.

Celebrating the attaining economic environment or worse still trying to manipulate it for political dividends is certainly akin to celebrating the infamous Nyadzonya and Chimoio attacks. Zimbabweans need to come together and build a better nation that would be passed on from one generation to the other.

However, the good thing is lessons have been learnt from the liberation war. There is definitely a more advanced way to sniff out the ‘economic Nyaties’ and avert any further political and economic genocide.

The celebration of Heroes Day and Defence Forces Day is certainly symbolical as far as guarding the interests and peace of Zimbabwe.

Regime change proponents have become so daring to the point of creating an impression that they can as well hand back the country to its colonisers. How can someone plan a demonstration or national shutdown the same week our nation is celebrating the efforts made by gallant sons and daughters?

Certainly, there is no need to ruffle feathers and deliberately attempt to vilify the spirits of those who have gone before us trying to create a better Zimbabwe which we are of course tossing in the air like overindulged ‘brats’. A demonstration during the week of Heroes and Defence Forces Day celebrations, ndokutamba nemuswe waasekuru uku.’ Perhaps the MDC Alliance and like-minded Zimbabwe want real demonstrations and displays by the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) outside the giant National Sports Stadium.

The demonstrations of 16 August 2019 will definitely be a bonus show for those fond of Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) drill displays. Perhaps our brothers and sisters need practical lessons on the war efforts and should be accorded such without limitations in the doses it is to be taught.

There is certainly a reason why Zanu PF won the recent Lupane East by-election despite the obtaining economic environment which the MDC Alliance and other regime change proponents seek to square on the shoulders of Government.

Despite the aspersions and spanners thrown at Government and ZANU PF, the two continue to emerge victorious. The relationship between ZANU PF and the people is bound by blood. Almost every family lost a member to the liberation war and only those alive to the true meaning of sacrifice understand that independence cannot be traded so easily. Neither can one dice with the emotions, desires and the needs of the people to snatch away what their loved ones died trying to achieve.

In essence, the issues around Zimbabwe and ZANU PF in particular cannot be approach outside the spiritual realm. It is of paramount importance that those planning their mini ‘zvimurengas’ to think twice before unnecessarily wasting themselves through ill-thought and ill-conceived efforts to disturb the peace brought about by our heroes and Defence Forces.