Of victims that never were

By Shongedzai Mugwagwa

Zimbabwe of late has become an eyeball of the US foreign policy and therefore has been under siege as the US has upped the wager to remove Zanu PF from power using a combination of deceit and unfathomable regime change tactics.

It’s an open secret that wherever the US spreads its foreign policy tentacles and “feel” threatened, it has become a common practice that they (US) initiates opposition political activists to purposely break the law of their own countries, engage in acts of civil disobedience, and when the law enforcement agents act, the wrongdoers become victims and decorated defenders of human rights, as if human rights are a preserve of those liked by the US only. Funny!!

If any country is not subservient to the United States of America, it has become common practice that the US employs dirty regime change tactics including the dilemma action strategy which does have an end game of portraying the Government in bad picture.

The dilemma action strategy which was employed by the MDC after they received numerous trainings by one notorious Serbian mercenary sort to create fake victims donning human rights defenders robes.

The criminals suddenly assume the role of human rights defenders, the role of saints, the role of untouchables, simply because they are doing it on behalf of Washington; doing it to effect regime change for America, whose main agenda is gaining access to the vast untapped natural resources of the said countries.

And, yet in the US itself, the ethos of their day-to-day living is strict adherence to the rule of law. We ask why the US cannot allow the rule of law to take its course in Zimbabwe? Why?

Of course, the majority of my countrymen are not stupid, they are not fools and indeed they are not blind to the brazen instigation of lawlessness, perpetrated by the US in our country under the guise of democracy, under the guise of defending human rights and indeed in the name of freedom of expression. Stupid!

The MDC and all its appendages in the Civic Society Organisations have now grown to like the cat and mouse game with the Government with a sole endgame of soiling the image of the new dispensation.

Funny enough, the US and the European Union block has been indicating right yet they take a left turn, in the hope of unscrupulously surprising the new dispensation off guard but alas, their nefarious plot has been long unmasked. From clandestine meetings, trainings and very covert funding channels.

We know for a fact that Zanu PF — unlike the kindergarten antics that underpin MDC- Alliance politics — is a very experienced and complicated political party, always aware that when dealing with war-time enemies, you sleep with one eye open. You don’t give in fully to the lethargy of slumber.

A recent expose of the US “Ambassador” to Zimbabwe, Brian Nichols, secret meetings with the members of the MDC in their private homes tells a much bigger story and confirms what many used to regard as mere “conspiracy”. For all we know, Nichols carries himself as a diplomat but in the shadows behaves like an activist funding terrorism in Zimbabwe.

It is clear that Nichols is in the trenches with MDC-Alliance, hand-holding them to cause anarchy and mayhem, funding and coordinating their regime change agenda.

Cutting the story short, Magistrate Courts are overwhelmed with cases of various MDC members who were fingered in various acts of arson and violence yet they cry the loudest of human rights. Funny enough, the pseudo human rights lawyers have been fingered as being on the forefront in inciting civil disobedience under the darkness, yet during the day they cry the loudest that the new dispensation is not respecting human rights and individual freedoms.

The stories of civil disobedience in Zimbabwe present a new case of the victims that never were and the fake human rights defenders yet in all honest are just criminals and insurgents in-the-making.