Professor Jonathan Moyo, a bitter man

By Grace Chekai

Professor Jonathan Moyo`s sullenness should not go unchallenged as his social media cooked up promulgations have taken a dangerous turn. At the click of the mouse he is fabricating coups to feed his bruised ego after his unceremonious departure from the ruling party and the country into self-imposed exile.

Imagined coups

It seems, the learned Professor Moyo has now an eight-to-five job; trying to discredit President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his administration. He once announced that February was going to be another November insinuating that a coup was brewing. When that did not materialise, he is now resorting to propagating discredited websites like which wrote that “Mnangagwa`s departure Zimbabwe President finalised.” Moyo who seems to have been fascinated by this story took it on Twitter saying that only fools will not be able to believe this.

“Only ediots will ignore #SpotlightZimbabwe reports on political moves,” tweeted Moyo. Given that Moyo is a frustrated man, but celebrating fake news is a new low for the learned professor.

Spotlight reported that the exit of President Mnangagwa was finalised at the President`s farm when Vice President Constantino Chiwenga went there to update the goings in the country when he was the acting President, whilst, the President was on leave.

Only an idiot can believe such suppositions and apparently Moyo is one of those people, it’s actually sad how Professor has fallen from his once acclaimed intellectual capacity.

The way Professor Moyo is fixated with the goings-on in Zanu PF is unhealthy. Those closest to him should help this man before he loses is mind. The claimed “sources” of information by Professor Moyo are just figments of his imagination.

Professor Moyo now labels the people who support President Mnangagwa as ‘Varakashi”. Those people who talk good about the Government he lashes out at them labelling them detractors.

Professor Moyo is a self-centred man, labouring under the assumption that he still holds sway in the body politic of the country. The Professor is now a toothless dog that can only bark and can do nothing else. Tweeting on his twitter account today, Professor Moyo castigated all those who support President Mnangagwa saying that they must not defend him. This is because he chose not to see the good being engineered by the Government in power.

“This is free advice to Mnangagwa`s varakashi: you will most definitely sink with him if you continue to defend Mnangagwa as just a personality cult, bereft of a people based ideology or policy programme. After all, there is no personality to defend,” tweeted Moyo.

According to an article by Roy Ndoro, Professor Moyo was given US $5 million to use on social media and to recruit journalists to use in fighting the ruling Government. Moyo is doing all he can to get sympathisers who can help him fight the ruling Government.

Whilst the Professor and those like him continue spewing venom on social media, the Zimbabwe Government in not daunted as it continues to work towards its Vision of attaining a middle income economy and does not have time to listen to the nonsense falsehoods being propagated by the nutty Professor.