Zimbabweans urged to take part in economic building activities

By Derick Tsimba

The New Government has urged Zimbabweans from all walks of life to take part in economic building activities.

Since November last year the ushering in of the New Dispensation brought with it positive economic expectations centred on economic rebuilding and growth.

Zimbabwe’s economic growth initiative was fostered by the New Government to ensure that the country’s economy stands again on its own feet. Govmjjnmernment’s new economic thrust has managed to encourage domestic and foreign companies to build up trust and take part in Zimbabwe’s economic building initiatives.

Having laid the ground for economic reform, the economic playing field has opened up for business once again with the need for citizens to complement Government efforts for the betterment of our nation.

Today, the youths are now at the forefront of taking part in nation building initiatives due to their various knowledge and skills.

To compliment efforts by youths, the upcoming opening up of the Youth Empowerment Bank by President E.D. Mnangagwa should be one of the many initiatives carried out by the New Government to ensure that youths are empowered to work for their country.

Youth Empowerment Bank should provide the youths with required capital to promote them to take part in setting up of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs).

SMEs have a capacity to employ vast number of youths and can be linked up through value chains with the Special Economic Zones (SEZs) which the New Government has also started establishing.

According to The Herald, the Youth Empowerment Bank should fund all youth projects across the country, with $12 million having been already set aside to fund the bank, youth projects will soon be fostered.

To ensure a success story from the New Government initiative, Vocational Training Centres (VCTs) have already been imparting the relevant skills to youths, Government has also started to prioritise the setting up of VCTs across the country’s districts where the youths are expected to take part in.   

Relatedly, Government has already considered economic engagement by every economic sector to achieve the New Government mantra, “Zimbabwe is open for Business.”

The agriculture sector has already made strides in ensuring a speedy economic recovery as most Zimbabweans including youths are taking part to contribute to its success.

Adding to the positive achievements attained by the Command Agriculture programme and the Presidential Input Scheme which was recently launched, inputs will this year be distributed on time to all deserving farmers. The Agriculture Bank of Zimbabwe should soon provide the missing link between agriculture produce and value addition through its unveiling of a $60 million loan facility. Closing the gap between agricultural production and value addition should promote the export of the country’s agriculture produce resulting in reduction of Zimbabwe’s trade deficit.

Value addition and the capacitating of exporters has become top priority for the development of our economy. Zimbabwe currently remains in dire need of export centred economic activities that are calling for youthful entrepreneurs as the drivers of the future economy to step up.

The country remains blessed with the leadership that focuses on a futuristic vision that ensures the nation’s economic activities have to be prioritised. In that regard, President E. D. Mnangagwa has not looked back or faltered but has kept advancing the interests of the nation first. This should be a lesson to every Zimbabwean to seriously take part in giving a hand in building the nation as we have a practical and listening President on a mission to return our country to greatness.