MDC Alliance will soon be dead and buried

by Grace Chekai

The MDC Alliance’s future is looking uncertain as events unfold in the embattled opposition party. It does not need a soothsayer to predict that the opposition political party’s future has become obscure and the 2023 will be symbolic in that it will be Waterloo for the party as it will meet its doom.

MDC Alliance is not only losing its supporters, but its sponsors who were intent on effecting regime change agenda, have but, given up on the beleaguered party, which has now became more of a liability.

The party has even gone to the extent of dismissing its employees just because they no longer have the funds to pay them. The party which had always depended on western donations, has reached rock bottom as they do not have any tangible products that can help me them to remain functional. They spent most of their existence engaging in ineffectual anti-development and anti-people activities which no-longer have any takers even among its hard-core supporters. For this reason the MDC centre is no longer holding prompting defections.

The MDC defectors have been supporting the opposition party for so many years and nothing fruitful has come out of this party, hence the disillusionment. Chamisa’s poor leadership has also not helped matters which has pushed the party to the edge. Party critics are right when they label the party, a Twitter party.

Its spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere was arrested earlier this year for meddling in fake news on social media. This is what the opposition party has been reduced to.

They spend their time on social media inciting the people and spreading fake news. Some of the MDC members have gone out of their way to find relevance by staging abductions, to portray to the world the fallacious narrative that the Government is committing human rights abuses. The MDC is confident that this will return the party to the good graces of its erstwhile sponsors, but this is another shot in the dark.

The slow, but painful realisation of this truth is being brought home to some of the party supporters, who are now leaving the party disenchanted.

Last week, a senior official in Chamisa`s camp Lilian Timveos, an ardent follower of the outspoken leader, made news headlines when she crossed the floor and joined ZANU PF.

Timveos let the cat of the bag revealing the extent the party is hanging by the skin of its teeth. She said that she deserted the MDC party because the party leader does not listen to the people`s grievances. She cited the MDC Alliance party Secretary General Charlton Hwende for ill-treating other party leadership especially women. She mentioned how Hwende once undressed Mahere and MDC chairperson Tabitha Khumalo exposing the rot in the party, which seem to have become a personal property of Chamisa and his cronies.

Timveous said that most of the meetings that are done by MDC leadership do not bring anything tangible adding that they are just there to divide the people in the MDC Alliance, hence her decision to quit the opposition party.

Timveous and Blessing Chebundo who were both former legislators and MDC senior officials both left the MDC and were welcomed at State House by His Excellency, President  Emmerson Mnangagwa on 24 February last month.

Some other MDC Alliance who have also deserted the party are citing that it lacks direction and has nothing to offer to them and Chamisa has no capabilities to rebrand the party for it to survive the changing times .

The writing is on the wall for MDC Alliance come 2023.The party might give the last kicks of a dying horse, but everyone would eventually accept that the party that Morgan Tsvangirai built is now dead and buried. There will be no need to point fingers as the self-destruction and lack of vision will be its undoing.