NDS1 envisaged to revive the economy

Derick Tsimba

The New Economic Development Strategy 1 (NDS1) is envisaged to revive the economy and fulfil Government’s vision of becoming an empowered and prosperous upper middle-income society by 2030.

Working through the implementation of NDS1, Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Professor Mthuli Ncube recently the launched the NDS1 translated versions.

Ensuring that the NDS1 gets translated into different versions/languages will make it easier for people to understand the requirements of the NDS1 in their mother languages.

At the launch, the Minister revealed that the NDS1 housed the collective aspirations, determination and tenacity of the people to achieve the national vision to become an empowered and prosperous upper middle-income society by 2030.

The Minister recalled that the attainment of Vision 2030 was partly premised on the devolution and decentralisation agenda. Empowerment of provinces, districts and communities should allow them to implement development strategies. Development Strategies should be a result of respective resource endowments and competitive advantages. According to the Minister of Finance, NDS1 must see greater innovation, modernisation, industrialisation and increased investment across all provinces and districts of our country.

The translated versions of NDS1 will act as development handy books. They should tune in to make Zimbabweans focus on attaining development as required. If the nation comes together and works together, it should not fail to achieve inclusive development.

As Zimbabweans we are in pursuit of a better life through the use of abundant resources in our respective provinces and districts. Everyone must be involved to fulfil the national development mission outlined in the NDS1.

Towards a prosperous and empowered upper middle income society by 2030, NDS1 has a five year plan from January 2021 to December 2025.

It contains the aspirations and determination of the people of Zimbabwe. Under the Second Republic, the country has started a journey to fulfil the vision 2030. In this vision, the economy should be transformed through new wealth creation opportunities living no one behind.

For the NDS1 to become successful, Zimbabweans including the private sector, civic society and co-operating partners should work together and attain vision 2030.

Government has its own success story on its journey to achieve an empowered and prosperous upper middle-income society by 2030.

The transitional Stabilisation Programme (TSP) marked the start of the journey in October 2018. It saw significant progress with notable achievements that included consolidation, external sector balance and exchange rate stability.

NDS1 follows up the TSP after consultations were made with various Government stakeholders to ensure development includes all Zimbabweans.

The Development Strategy links National Development Plans with National Budgets. The National Budget will only be tied to programmes, projects and interventions which contribute to the achievement of national outcomes and realisation of national priorities as outlined in NDS1.

As the nation moves towards the attainment of an upper-middle society by 2030, the goal of the NDS1 remains that of ensuring high, accelerated, inclusive and sustainable economic growth as well as social economic transformation and development.