Zimbabwe will be safer under ED

by Own Correspondent

A quick Internet search of why people should vote revealed that balloting connects citizens with their political process. It helps choose leaders who share the same views with the electorate.

Thus, the simple act of marking a ballot tells leaders what the electorate thinks about decisions that affect the latter’s lives - how much taxation is considered fair, will beneficiaries of the land reform keep their land, will health care be affordable and will peace prevail, just to mention a few.

The only flaw with the above line of argument is that some politicians are good at pretending ­– or should I say they have good campaign teams that can sell water to a whale in the Pacific Ocean. These teams can create priorities for you, convince you that this is what you want and as a result make one vote for the wrong priorities.

As July 30 draws near, how then can Zimbabweans be certain that they are not sold a dummy? Simple – electioneering has the tendency of revealing wolves in sheep’s clothes. Pretenders end up losing the plot and act in contrast to their word.

For instance, the fact that rhetoric which incite violence is on the rise in the country’s main opposition formation, MDC Alliance, is evidence enough that the Alliance cannot guarantee Zimbabweans a safe tomorrow.

The MDC Alliance leadership has thrived on rhetoric and acts that divide the nation – it has always been us against them. Recently MDC Alliance top official Maureen Kademaunga, told a rally in Harare that Zanu PF supporters and members were cockroaches that had to be squashed. In simple terms Kademaunga advocates for the annihilation of all Zimbabweans that are of the view that the MDC Alliance will not offer them a brighter future.

Not to be outdone in promising violence, MDC Alliance principal and People’s Democratic Party leader, Tendai Biti threated Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) officials with unspecified violence during a demonstration when he said that he would go to their homes. It will be then quite understandable if ZEC officials say that they are now living in fear of Biti and the MDC Alliance. That should the Alliance attain the leadership of the country there will be retribution visited on all those who did not agree with them politically.

As if to authenticate the saying that fish rots from the head, MDC Alliance presidential hopeful, Nelson Chamisa, has on many occasions threatened to render the country ungovernable if he loses in the harmonized election slated for this month. What Chamisa seem to be failing to understand is that Zimbabwe does not belong to him and the MDC Alliance alone, but all who live in it – that there are people who do not support him and want the newly found peace under the new dispensation to prevail so that they can thrive economically.

On the other hand, the ruling party Zanu Pf leader and presidential candidate His Excellency, President Emmerson Mnangagwa is walking the talk of being as soft as wool. Unlike Chamisa, President Mnangagwa has not attacked the personalities of the other 22 presidential hopefuls or threatened to render the country ungovernable in the event that he loses the election.

President Mnangagwa has become an embodiment of peace as he takes every opportunity that comes his way to preach and encourage peace – before, during and after election day.

This election is about who has the best policies, work ethics and rhetoric that can see Zimbabwe develop and not threats of violence as it is not possible to create employment in a country where violence becomes the order of the day.