No other change is better than this, MDC Alliance.


Politicking without any substance versus actionable facts and figures is what draws a demarcation between a delivering president and a hallucinating politician.

It was the rhetoric of the MDC that Zimbabwe needed a change of guard if ever things were to be better for this country. But the advent of the new political dispensation caught them with their pants down and that big word of “change” quickly vanished like morning dew.

A new political trajectory has been ushered in with the generality of the Zimbabwean population getting convinced that the country is indeed in safe hands now. The direction with which both politics and economics are taking is what everybody has been clamouring for.

Being a people who have for been obsessed with calling for change in the country, the opposition MDC thought that the only change was by them forming the government. Alas the change came from another angle with people embracing it overwhelmingly. Not just locals but even the international community at large.

What does the MDC do now? They want to cower people into submitting to their political rhetoric that there was never change in Zimbabwe and thus people should vote for them so that there can be that ‘change’. This call has hit an instant political wall because this people can’t be sold balloons that are full of hot air. It lacks basis and facts. It is just mere politicking!

On the other side of the political fray President Mnangagwa is preaching development coined around politics with economics so that the country reclaims its past glory. Indeed he has become the darling of many to an extent that the forthcoming plebiscite is just but a formality. His victory can even be foretold by a mere toddler.

Feeling the heat, the MDC is now busy threatening banditry and insurgency claiming that the elections are already stolen by Zanu PF. How can it steal the election when it is clear that the Party is selling its ideas to the people while the opposition is busy on the streets? Elections are won through convincing the electorate not by threats!

The MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa hinted that he plans to unleash violence against Zanu PF supporters in the country. Not anywhere did we have substantiated claims of Zanu PF perpetrated violence but he promised that this time they are the ones to lead by example. Beating and maiming innocent civilians all in the name of politics. Are you serious Chamisa?

Instead of clearly articulating what they want to do for the people of Zimbabwe, Chamisa and his party are planning to send their youth vanguards around the country to deal any Zanu PF supporter whom they think could beat their people in the rural areas. Why busy chasing shadows as if that gives you votes?

Addressing a handful of protesters recently  Chamisa had the audacity to ridicule SADC and AU over his flimsy demands of a voters roll with pictures and ballot paper. He claimed that if these two regional bodies fail to do what they want, then they will take matters into their own hands and make this country ungovernable. This is nothing but a threat of violence that cannot be tolerated by peace loving Zimbabweans. If he thinks that this is a better way to market his candidature, come 30 July he will get a rude awakening that will dump him in a political dustbin.

Isn’t it that we are already in a new political trajectory that is conducive for economic growth and job creation? Then can we entertain any form of destructive mentality that is anti-development? The answer is a big NO.

November 2017 was the fulfilment of change that took many years to materialise. MDC should stop lying to the people that, if they are voted into power they will bring a change yet that change is already here and bearing much desired fruits.