Stolen vote chorus costs Chamisa

Welldone Tembo

It is almost 2 years before the 2023 harmonized elections and we still have the MDC Alliance going notches up on their rhetoric of the allegedly stolen 2018 Presidential election. The chorus has become a substance of relevance for the opposition foregoing a plethora of responsibilities they shoulder after garnering a reasonable amount of votes.

The status qou has one remarkably outstanding hazard, the underserving of the electorate both who voted and those who did not vote for the MDC A and its leader, Nelson Chamisa.

Oblivious of the consequence, the MDC A leadership is on overdrive seeking to sustain their narrative a scenario which has hit them the hardest as evidenced by the chucking of Chamisa and the ascendance of Douglas Mwonzora to the reins of that party.

As Karl Marx would have it “the masses are no empty vessels with which one can fill with any kind of hogwash.”

The misdirected determination to overturn the Presidential election results saw the MDC A neglecting the constituencies that voted for them. Raw sewer, uncollected garbage and potholes have become permanent features in most urban settings.

One sure thing that can be deducted from the development is the illumination of Chamisa’s self-centeredness. After the Presidential elections came otherwise despite his untamed complacency he had to halt everything else about the MDC Alliance focusing on claiming the presidency. It has always been about him.

Little did he know the electorate is growing weary of his marry-go round politics. To say the least, no one deserves the soar deals the MDC A run councils is giving to the electorate. It is uninspiring and can never go unchallenged.

The challenge however, came through Mwonzora whose drive for a better representation has resulted in the demonization of his personality and everything that represents him.

It is only sane and objective minds that can clearly see that Chamisa’s misery was his own creation.

Instead of leading the opposition in parliament he decided to stay in the trenches. The decision which was to be perilous to his political career. People had become alive to his none yielding political gimmicks and antics.

Now in a bid to revive his political standing Chamisa has deployed ghost cyber trolls and netizens to deep stick whether the narrative of stolen elections still stands by asking people to suggest how best the votes could be defended. The results have been devastating as a myriad of Zimbabweans questioned whether there was indeed a stolen election or it was one of those Chamisa’s political gimmicks.

Surely if the election had been stolen Zimbabwe could have been on fire. For the first time the elections were monitored by international observers in Zimbabwe. None of them indicated voting anomalies and still we have the rant of stolen elections.

Zimbabweans have awaken to the Stone Age tricks that are being employed by lazy and opportunistic politicians in the name of the opposition. By asking people on how best the votes could be defended against the allegedly thieving ZANU PF, Chamisa cronies hoped people would suggest unorthodox means to topple Government.

The paramount factor that led to the shunning of the online survey was to be the deliverables by ZANU PF. Government has never stopped on delivering on its electoral promises as it is commissioning one project after the other across the country’s awakening economy.

MDC A has been decisively outpaced and a repeat of an electoral loss is inevitable come 2023. As it stands there is no Chamisa to talk of, the boy has literary taken the party into political oblivion.

Mwonzora’s efforts to engage central Government and collectively map the way for Zimbabweans could save the day for that party and the generality of whatever it stands for.

People have grown weary of the same political rhetoric and just want a better life. By all measures, Chamisa can never match President Emmerson Mnangagwa whether he likes it or not, believes it or not.

There is no need to keep holding Zimbabweans to ransom over uncultured, ill thought and unsubstantiated political ambitions. Generations have been lost because of political demagoguery. It is against this background that the Patriotic Act and constitutional amendments be effected if we are going to thrive as a nation.

Zimbabwe deserves better political builders, ones divorced from economic sabotage. Politicians who deliver on their political mandates. Politicians who do not wish badly on their citizenry and those that can never apply scotched earth policy on their motherland because of political differences.