Leave President Mnangagwa out of this!

Grace Chekai

The allegations being levelled against His Excellency, President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa leaves a lot to be desired. Government detractors have been blaming President Mnangagwa for a lot of things yet President Mnangagwa is trying his level best to turn around the economy.

These Government detractors waste their time creating falsehoods so as to tarnish the image of President Mnangagwa whilst the President is busy with developmental programmes which are meant to benefit the entire nation.

These government detractors this entire week have been peddling falsehoods that President Mnangagwa is the one behind the proposed exhumation of the body of the late former President Robert Gabriel Mugabe. This actually is coming from their imagination and hatred on the person of the President. Who does not know that Chief Zvimba was the one who summoned the former first lady Grace Mugabe to appear before his traditional court to answer allegation that she was the one who spearheaded the burial of the former president at his rural home.

The “local court rule” which was written in vernacular language spelt out clearly the complaints of Chief Zvimba which includes the burial of the late former President Robert Mugabe where he highlighted that the former first lady buried Mugabe in the house which has never happened in the History of the Zvimba people.

The “local court rule” also stated that Grace Mugabe just abandoned the clothes of MUGABE after his death and therefore requested Grace MUGABE to follow the procedures of what must be done pertaining to the clothes of the deceased.

Chief Zvimba also asked Grace Mugabe to exhume and bury former President Mugabe following the wishes of his relatives and also the will of his mother.

Surprisingly, government detractors have since arm twisted this and are now saying that President Mnangagwa is behind this just because he wants to obtain a traditional stick that is known in Shona language as “tsvimbo”.These government detractors are alleging that MUGABE was buried with a stick that was meant to be given to the next leader of Zimbabwe.

One begins to wonder why these government detractors would fabricate these grave lies. Where is President Mnangagwa involved in this whole matter?

Following the death of former President Mugabe, His Excellency President Mnangagwa asked the former First lady, Grace Mugabe and the representatives of the Mugabe family where they wanted to bury the former President and they said Mugabe will be buried at his rural home. President Mnangagwa respected this move and former President Mugabe was buried at his rural home. So where is President Mnangagwa coming in? He is out of it here.

These government detractors include the former Cabinet Minister Jonathan Moyo and Patrick Zhuwawo among others.

Speaking in an interview with SABC News, Zhuwawo said that President Mnangagwa is an occult at heart in relation to the exhumation of the former President MUGABE. One wonders where all this is coming from.

These allegations by these government detractors show that they are bitter over the achievements of President Mnangagwa.

Since his inception in 2017, President Mnangagwa has proven to be a hard worker and a servant of the people.

All sectors of the economy are taking a good shape. The economic blue prints which came with the New Dispensation have proven to be a success.

The Transitional Stabilisation Programme (TSP) which was succeeded by National Development Strategy 1 (NDS1) are both economic blue prints which were steered by the New Dispensation and have proven to be fruitful.

The government detractors especially the G40 cabal are now bitter because the economy is now taking shape. These G40 cabals were the criminals behind the former President Mugabe and they destroyed the economy. They are now ashamed because the New Dispensation is now doing what they failed to do during the Old Dispensation. They were just criminals. This is the reason why they are all in self-exile. They know that they are criminals.

It is high time these government detractors get sued for peddling falsehoods. Let us all shun tarnishing the image of our President simply because we are failures. Let the New Dispensation do its work and do not dilute their work with your lies.