MDC-Alliance leader, a disgrace

Grace Chekai

The Movement for Democratic Change Alliance (MDC A) leader Nelson Chamisa has proven to be a disgrace and dumb leader following his continuous utterances on cursing the administration of President Emmerson Mnangagwa despite the same doing tremendous work on the ground.

Chamisa is just finding it too hard for him to swallow his pride. The administration of President Mnangagwa has done a lot to turn around the economy since it came into power in November 2017.A lot of developmental projects meant to take Zimbabwe to a middle income economy by 2030 have proven to be fruitful. Despite the natural hazards which hit Zimbabwe including Cyclone Idai in 2019 which left many Zimbabweans homeless and also which saw a lot of infrastructure being damaged, the administration of President Mnangagwa is doing significant work and continues to strive to develop the country.

In March last year the Global world was hit by a pandemic Covid-19 virus and this affected so many countries as no one was prepared for this pandemic. Zimbabwe was also not spared by this pandemic and the virus is still there. To fight this pandemic the Government had to pour a lot of funds to cater for the patients who would have contracted the virus and also the vaccines which were later made available to ensure that Covid-19 patients do not get severe symptoms.

It is only those who have their hidden agenda who are always lambasting the good deeds of the Government.

Chamisa in his recent utterances posted on his Twitter handle saying that, “NEW POLITICS. We must get rid of the politics of propaganda, violence and looting. We must fix what is broken and rotten in our politics. Fresh ideas and accountable leadership built around the community and citizens is essential. It`s time for COMMUNITY EMBEDDED LEADERSHIP #newthingsahead.”

The tweet by Chamisa shows that this person is just ashamed of himself because their “Kudira Jecha” mantra is now water under the bridge. It did not work. They tried a lot to discredit the good deeds of the Government to no avail.

Now he does not have anything bad to point at and just utter nonsense. One wonders which “New Politics” he was referring to. When it comes to violence and looting the MDC-Alliance must just keep quiet. We all know what has been happening to the MDC run councils since 2000.The urban councils are now in a dilapidated state. Thanks should go to the administration of President Mnangagwa for exposing the rot in urban councils and introduced developmental projects within them. The undesired elements are being plucked out of these urban councils.

The setting up of the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission also revealed a lot of malpractices by high ranking officials. This only tells us that the administration of President Mnangagwa is highly transparent. Things are taking shape and Vision 2030 is indeed possible.

Let us give credit to the administration of President Mnangagwa as it is doing a lot in turning around the economy. This includes currency stabilisation, infrastructure development, construction of water bodies, deployment of irrigation equipment, road rehabilitation, fisheries opening up, command farming and Pfumvudza for food security just to mention but a few.

So Chamisa should swallow his pride and give credit where it is due or he must just keep quiet and watch President Mnangagwa do what he knows best.