Of sanctions and the principle of reciprocity

Prosperity Mzila

Listening to a Zimbabwean born public speaker, author and philosopher, Bishop Joshua Maponga’s analogue likening sanctions to a divorce, one gets enlightened on the relationship that exists between the sanctioned and the instigators.  The relationship resembles that of a married couple that opts for a divorce giving a clear picture of how sanctions and their instigators should be dealt with.

The Bishop postulates that once a couple is divorced, the partners seize to interfere in each other’s business, but they rather move on with their lives.  The one who sought the divorce moves out of the house, surrenders access means to the house as the divorce decree forbids both parties from interacting.  If it is for children’s custody, the children are asked to choose whom they would like to live with, or the court decides after assessing the living conditions. The divorced partners must be completely separated in order for them to start on new relationships.

Sir Isaac Newton’s third law of motion says that “when two objects interact, they apply forces to each other or equal magnitude and opposite direction. Similarly, when the United States (US) and the United Kingdom (UK) and their European Union allies (EU) illegally slapped Zimbabwe with sanctions, they slapped themselves with the same sanctions.  Therefore, they should know that they are forbidden to visit Zimbabwe as they please.  Whatever measures they included in the sanctions against Zimbabwe apply to them in equal measure.

As in the case of marriage, the severing of relations between nations is likened to a divorce, and this calls for not just Zimbabwe, but all the nations that decided to take part in imposing sanctions on Zimbabwe to remain within the confines of their territories.  No two divorced individuals can core exist under the same roof and expect to move on with their lives. 

The court orders the instigator of a divorce to pay alimony to the other partner.  The purpose of the alimony is to limit any unfair economic effects of a divorce by providing continued income to the affected partner.  In this case, the US, UK, and their allies are obliged to ensure that financial streams continue to flow into Zimbabwe despite the sanctions.  They are illegal and evil considering that they stopped the Bretton Woods Institutes (World Bank and the IMF), and other financial institutions from financing Zimbabwe and a number of its companies.  This has literally killed the lives and livelihoods of the ordinary people of Zimbabwe, as companies folded, and stopped operating due to obsolete equipment that could not be replaced due to the sanctions.  Someone needs to tell them that alimony has to be paid for the survival of ordinary Zimbabweans

When the Western world sanctioned Zimbabwe, they put several leaders and top companies on the sanctions list, barring them to either enter their countries or to conduct trade with any of them or their allies.  Yet for them, Zimbabwe remained a destination of choice, despite vilifying it in the media through fake stories.  They frequently visit Zimbabwe and have built massive embassies, an indication that they have made it their second home.  This is clear evidence that they love this nation and are not willing to give up on the serene and beauty, the flora and fauna that exists in Zimbabwe that one cannot find in any other place.  They should know and be educated on what sanctions mean, it means they are equally not welcome in Zimbabwe.  Their continued unrestricted travels to and from Zimbabwe are in struck violation of a divorce decree (sanctions) which they invited themselves. 

Several times, the US and its western allies have imposed themselves on Zimbabwe by insisting on observing our elections after which they write false and adverse reports.  They interfere with Zimbabwe’s relations with other countries. It is now time to show them the door. 

President Emmerson Mnangagwa is on record calling for re-engagement with the hostile nations, Zimbabwe is open to rekindle estranged relations.  The olive branch is outstretched. It is up to the US, UK and their western allies to reciprocate.  However, if they choose to hold their position, then they must prepare to exit Zimbabwe and shut down their embassies.  This is what sanctioning a country calls for. The US, UK and their allies should realise that this means they are also under sanctions and cannot continue to walk in and out of Zimbabwe as though they are walking in and out of their mama’s houses.

The divorce further gives the children an opportunity to choose a parent that they would like to have custody over them, and that parent is given the children.  Chamisa seems to have warmed up to the lifestyle of his surrogate parents, the US, UK and their western allies. Therefore, he should move into their countries and live with them.  Zimbabwe is for patriotic Zimbabweans.  Instead of Chamisa trying to smuggle a culture that is non-Zimbabwean, he should make it easier for himself and his siblings (MDC-Alliance) by moving over to the US, UK and EU. 

Chamisa is like oil in water, which is why he has failed to win the rural support and that of non-gullible Zimbabwean voters who can see right through his charade.  It is time that he picks a parent, he should pick a side because there is no way the masses of Zimbabwe can believe his airport in Murehwa and his bullet train lies, when he has failed to maintain the urban areas.  Chamisa and his MDC Alliance party inherited clean functional urban areas and cities and they literally let them go to the dogs.  Now that the country is approaching the rainy season, Harare City will be flooding since the drainages are now non-existent; they have been blocked by uncollected garbage and dirt.  The uncollected garbage is all over the urban areas, coupled with blocked sewer pipes, raising serious concerns of waterborne diseases. 

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, Chamisa and his money making grouping (MDC-Alliance party) are not concerned about the people’s welfare, just like his adoptive parents (UK, US, and the western allies) who only care about syphoning Zimbabwe’s resources, which they carry back to their mother land for future generations. 

Sanctions are reciprocal; everyone concerned should know that going forward. The SADC nations including Zimbabwe have been calling for their removal and their calls have fallen on deaf ears.  Maybe it’s time for plan B, which entails that sanctions must be shared equally.