ZANU PF victory is certain

Grace Chekai

As the saying goes, empty vessels make the most noise and one can clearly deduce that come 2023, the opposition party Citizen Coalition for Change (CCC) will lose the Harmonized General Elections, notwithstanding that predictions by notable think-tanks (US-based RAND corporation and UK-based Economic Intelligence Unit) have already perceived a 2023 election ZANU PF win.  ZANU PF with its mobilization of #5Million votes has already clinched a win.

ZANU PF has shown that it is growing and that its #5Million votes will be achieved as people continue to flock to the revolutionary party, with some even fleeing the newly minted CCC party. The new CCC party is already losing a number of its party members to other opposition parties and to the ruling party ZANU PF, as its leader Nelson Chamisa admitted that the party is directionless as it does not have an ideology or a constitution.

Some CCC members are disgruntled by the unfair treatment of women in the party and the spurious promises that their leader Chamisa continues to convey to people.

Chamisa is now known for lying to the voters relating to funding from the Western countries.

Speaking during his launch of CCC rallies at Zimbabwe Grounds in Highfields, Chamisa lied to the voters that the whites will bring in funds as soon as he get into power.

However, Chamisa`s lies were once rejected by former US President Donald Trump in 2018 which left egg on the embattled opposition leader’s face. Chamisa had claimed that Trump pledged $15 billion bailout to Zimbabwe if he wins the election.

One political scientist, James Magadza said that Chamisa`s lies are only meant to take him to State House but, in the event that that impossible dream happens, he will never fulfill the empty promises, if he becomes the Zimbabwean leader.

Chamisa is only concerned about power. He is power hungry and will do anything to get to the top. However Chamisa does not practice what he preaches. If he was able, he should have brought sanity to the opposition-run local authorities and prove his mettle.

Chamisa is aware of the damage that he has caused in the urban areas and is even embarrass by the rot that he has nothing to say, but more lies. How can Chamisa develop Zimbabwe when he has returned the urban areas to the Stone Age era? Can Zimbabweans trust such a person with the running of the country?

It will be unwise for voters to believe in Chamisa because his opposition party has dismally failed and it’s there for all to see when refuse is not collected, potholes characterize urban roads, sewage flowing in the streets and tap water has not graced some areas for years.

Already Chamisa is a dictator in the making. Chamisa unilaterally changed the name of the party from MDC Alliance to Citizen Coalition for Change. He also changed the party colours without consulting his members. Chamisa does not trust anyone but, his party Spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere. Already, this is a bone of contention, as this Jonny-come-lately (Mahere) is Chamisa’s confidante at the exclusion of anyone else.

 Unlike Chamisa and his party, ZANU PF party has a proven track record. No one is being left behind in terms of development. Development is starting from grassroots level going up. ZANU PF is working tirelessly to ensure its many developmental projects are implemented across the country.

The administration of President Emmerson Mnangagwa is doing housing schemes that are meant to benefit everyone in the country. A board had been set to ensure that there is development in the urban areas. Roads rehabilitation is on-going that even detractors have been made to give praise where it is due. The Government is also ensuring there is food security in the country at a time climate change has impacted on food production.

Addressing the fourth Cabinet brief yesterday, Minister of Agriculture, Dr Anxious Masuka said, “The First Round Crop and Livestock Survey confirmed that climate change is upon us and affecting agricultural production. Every effort is being made to ensure that no Zimbabwean will die of hunger. This is in line with the Second Republic’s mantra of “Leaving no-one and no place behind.”