Ali’s murder; CCC’s perfect chance for relevance

Rufaro Gijima

A basic dictionary meaning of the term political activist is, a person who works to bring about political change by campaigning in public or working for an organisation.

Sadly for Zimbabwe, the meaning seems to be blurred when it comes to Zimbabwean politicians. One of the greatest dilemmas of Zimbabwean politics is its pursuit for political mileage and relevance from just about anything.

Political nonentities characterised yester year’s Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), sadly the same with today’s Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC). CCC’s political adventurism and need for sympathy has led them to blame ZANU PF for just about anything that goes wrong in this country. Over the past few weeks, the opposition, has been all worked up over missing Moreblessing Ali, from Chitungwiza, sadly she turned out dead. May her soul rest in peace.

Browsing through social media, one would wonder what it is that trending Moreblessing Ali is known for, or has contributed to Zimbabwe’s political arena to merit such kind of attention. Not to suggest that she is any less important or anything, but it is funny that no one knew of any Moreblessing till the day she was allegedly abducted. As such, it is not only unfair but fraudulent and opportunistic for CCC to turn her disappearance into a political tool, for CCC will end up missing important evidence, by solely advancing their selfish agendas using the political lens.

This dilemma of propping up hopeless ‘activists’ for political expediency is a predicament which constantly fall on the opposition. I recall when one Makomborero Haruzivishe rose to fame, and how I kept wondering what it was that he had done to Zimbabwe’s political arena to merit such kind of attention. Then alas, it turned out that the boy had done nothing apart from inviting trouble for himself and his illiterate hangers on, instead he only rose to fame after MDC made noise about him on social media.

Currently CCC seems eager to remain vivid to people’s minds, at any cost, even at the expense of the bereaved. CCC should just drop the unnecessary acts and allow the family to mourn their loved one in peace. Surely her activism cannot start and end on her deathbed.

CCC continues lurching from one individual to another, and one issue to another, in spirited attempts to create the impression that there are human rights abuses and a feigned crisis of global proportions in Zimbabwe, but all to no avail. Such is the desperation in the opposition and their handlers ahead of 2023.

Lest some forget, the newly branded CCC-cum-MDC is the very same which previously faked the abduction of Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association (ZHDA) President, Dr Peter Magombeyi. Again, the ongoing claims of the infamous MDC trio, Cecilia Chimbiri, Joana Mamombe and Netsai Marowa. This all demonstrates the depths to which the opposition and its backers are prepared to achieve the unachievable, and now the slowly mounting purported State murder of Moreblessing Ali. It has become a public secret that the West is going to a great extent to create a crisis to justify removing ZANU PF from power.

It is therefore clear that hostile elements are staring at defeat in their face and this is getting to their brains to the extent that they are now fabricating human rights abuses at any opportunity which would have presented itself. This recycling of strategy, merely changing faces betrays CCC’s lack of strategies and lagging alternatives to ZANU PF’s rule. Surely the electorate should see through CCC, and that it is an opportunist party hoping to ascend to power by any means possible, even if it means riding on people’s fragile emotions.

I hope the electorate and Ali family realises that this is not about Ali’s justice but an opportunity for the CCC to gain relevance again; at least for having been vocal about her murder, so that they can add it to their purported figures of the abducted, disappeared and murdered. Zimbabwe surely deserves better from its alleged main opposition political party!