Chamisa has no place in the Zimbabwe we all want

Grace Chekai

The leader of the opposition party Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), Nelson Chamisa has no place in the Zimbabwe we all want. As the old adage goes, the empty vessels make the most noise, so does Chamisa. Chamisa is now quiet and has nothing to say after the newly-elect President William Ruto won the elections.

One can actually tell that the opposition leaders here in Zimbabwe are never liked. They are so unpopular. This is because of the politics they practise. They practise very cheap politics. Chamisa, who was never been for the people and spends all of his time on social media platforms posting empty promises which he will never fulfill, will not have a chance to rule in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabweans need leaders who are people centered, leaders who practise servant leadership and work tirelessly for the people. A leader must not discriminate his people in the way Chamisa does. He always attacks President Emmerson Mnangagwa when he is meeting people especially in religious circles.

Chamisa only meets people whom he thinks are able to sponsor his regime change agenda and according to statistics, Chamisa respects the urbanites and the Zimbabweans in the diaspora more than anything else. No wonder why he is ever calling for Diaspora votes. It is only now that Chamisa wants to penetrate the electorates in the rural areas.

He is aware of the damage that he did to the urban areas. The ruling ZANU PF party has always been working with the people in the rural areas improving their livelihoods. ZANU PF is the one that transformed the lives of the people in rural areas. It embarked on a rural electrification program and good sanitation which now includes taped water in Harare.

The CCC party and their leader Chamisa are desperately trying to penetrate into the rural areas. Their motive is to destroy again. However, the good thing to note is that Zimbabweans now know that Chamisa and his supporters are there to destroy and make the people suffer.

The opposition party which does nothing for the electorate is good at disputing elections when they lose. They forget that they did nothing for the electorate. This is the same scenario with what happened in Kenya following the victory of William Ruto. One opposition party leader, Raila Odinga who is always losing in his country`s Presidential elections just because he has nothing to offer to the people, disputed the election results. He seemed to have taken notes from Chamisa who is also known for instigating violence in the country after losing elections. These opposition parties forget that they are selfish and never do any developmental projects to the electorate. These opposition parties spend most of their time on social media just lambasting ruling parties’ developmental projects.

Chamisa could not even congratulate the newly elected President of Kenya, Ruto up until someone on Twitter asked him to do so. This shows how cunning and selfish Chamisa`s opposition party is. He cannot even join hands with other opposition political parties to work together in building the Zimbabwe we all want. Some opposition parties are in the Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD). Their aim is to work together in building the Zimbabwe we all want. These opposition political parties are very much aware that despite the political differences, we all need to work together in building a better Zimbabwe that we can all enjoy.

Zimbabweans everywhere now know Chamisa and they know that come 2023, Chamisa will be history. People have confidence in President Mnangagwa only and trust his leadership. No wonder why ZANU PF party is very much confident that it will garner more than five million votes come 2023.Chamisa has no place in the Zimbabwe we all want, he is just selfish and a hungry charlatan.