Let us give credit where it is due

Grace Chekai

Hypocrites will always be hypocrites. The West will continue to blame those who are building their country. The regime change agenda by the West has proved to be a fallacy.

It is something that will never come to fruition. Former senior British MP Catherine Letitia Hoey expressed displeasure after Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair shook hands with President Emmerson Mnangagwa in Kigali, Rwanda during the Africa Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) 2022 Summit. Why can’t Hoey give credit where it is due, the way Blair did?

People should give credit where it is due. Everyone now believes in President Mnangagwa. It is only those who want to further their regime change agenda who continue to put blinkers on President Mnangagwa`s achievements in turning around the economy.

What is interesting is that Hoey made a courtesy call to President Mnanagwa`s Munhumutapa offices, and Presidential Spokesperson, George Charamba reminded Hoey that her sentiments were baseless.

“Incidentally, Kate Hoey made a visit to Harare alongside a handful of British MPs during which she met the President of Zimbabwe, Dr ED Mnangagwa, at his Munhumutapa Offices,” Charamba said.

President Mnangagwa and Blair participated in a plenary session on accelerating food systems in times of crisis at the AGRF 2022 Summit.

One could tell that President Mnangagwa`s efforts in turning around the economy were being acknowledged by everyone in the region and beyond. It is only those that are still furthering their regime change agenda who want to put blinkers on what the Administration of President Mnangagwa has achieved so far.

President Mnangagwa has proved that he can deliver a Government that attracts the region and the international community, because of the confidence that the regional and international community now has in President Mnangagwa a lot of investors are trickling in.

You cannot have investors if you are an enemy of the people and perpetuate policies that are not viable. A country must have sound policies in order to attract the investors. This is the reason why Blair got to appreciate that something is now being done in Zimbabwe. President Mnangagwa is taking the nation to a land that overflows with milk and honey.

It is not only investors that are attracted by the economy. We also have tourists who are coming into Zimbabwe. The number is increasing daily. Apart from the natural flora and fauna that attracts tourists; the political and economic environments also attract tourists. Tourists now understand that Zimbabwe is not only a beautiful country but that it is a country that has good governance and accepts everyone.

Zimbabweans respect foreigners and understands that we are all one, which is the major reason our tourist industry has boosted during the reign of President Mnangagwa. Zimbabwe`s tourism digital marketing campaign was rated one of the top eight out of the 109 exhibiting countries at the ongoing Expo 2020 Dubai. This shows that the world has just started to appreciate improvements in Zimbabwe`s economy. The tourism sector aims to attain a US$5 billion tourism economy by 2025.

The policies being pushed by the Government in tourism will ensure Vision2025 is possible. Earlier this year, Cabinet announced 100 percent retention of foreign earnings by the sector, and a waiver of value added tax on domestic tourism, as well as duty exemption facility, among other measures to boost the sector.

It would be unwise for someone to keep holding on to the past stating that the policies of Zimbabwe are backwards and continue to resent the Zimbabwean Government. A lot has changed since the Administration of President Mnangagwa came into power in 2017.

What Hoey said indicates that she has an agenda of regime change. Because of her agenda, she will never acknowledge the efforts of President Mnangagwa in turning around the economy. A good deed never goes unnoticed. The unjust judgment by Hoey illustrates that she is up to no good with Zimbabwe but the Administration will not tire to do good and more and more leaders within the region and beyond will continue to embrace President Mnangagwa and his administration.