Burden of Chamisa’s fans

by Jasper Hloka

A brief visit to the history of MDC and its pioneer leader, Richard Morgan Tsvangirai, one gets to appreciate why dead people receive more flowers than the living ones.

It is simply because regret is stronger than gratitude. Of course Tsvangirai’s fate was God’s case with no appeal, but for God to give Zimbabweans, Nelson Chamisa as the opposition leader is too much to bear.

Indeed, an opposition is necessary for democratic processes and in Canada they have an official opposition whose leader is progressive, developmental and have a deeper appreciation of National and State Security. This official opposition responsibly keeps check of Government and is ready to take over should the former falters. However, this set up could have been workable in Zimbabwe, but with the unpatriotic and anti-development kind of opposition leaders in the like of Chamisa and his dogmatic approach, that remains a dream.

Chamisa has made it no secret that he has become an agent of commotion and despondency in Government. No one can blame President Mnangagwa if he sticks to the “winner takes all principle”. With the way Chamisa is carrying himself through his Kenyan style, modus operandi, no sane breadwinner would take a mad man in his house, thereby endangering his safety and that of his family.

President Mnangagwa has exhibited the highest degree of tolerance which Mugabe did not even possess. Those who said Chamisa is a Mugabe in making were not far away from the truth. Chamisa’s political blinkers represent that untamed and insatiable appetite for power which led to the disastrous fall of Mugabe. Sadly, the generality of Chamisa followers does not know this and the worst part is that they do not even know that they do not know.

Instead of taking advantage of the accommodativeness of President Mnangagwa to exhibit his worthiness, Chamisa is on the hand adamant that he can arm-twist him to let go of power. Has this ever yielded anywhere including Kenya from which he is copying his script?

Surely, the strategy he used to grab power at MDC-T is failing to materialise at the national forum. He can’t continue bulldozing his way up that ladder. Chamisa should have kept low, get an opportunity to learn before launching himself for a bigger battle.

It is common sense that after an assault one needs to regroup and re-organise. This could have worked for Chamisa given the enemies he created on his way up to lead MDC-T. Rather he was too thirsty that he drank from every cup that he thought contained the magic for super powers. Instead, he got poisoned and is now behaving like a bull in a Chinese shop. Too much is at stake and his barbaric approach will only lengthen the suffering of Zimbabweans.

Zimbabwe deserves better, God ordained leaders and Chamisa is just that bloc of food that is difficult to push down our throats. The boy is just too much.