Black Umfolosi to resume US jaunt

TOP Bulawayo imbube outfit Black Umfolosi is set to resume its United States (US) performance amid revelations that there was growing demand for their music in foreign lands.

The group will leave the country on August 18 for its first three-week international tour.

Group spokesperson Tomeki Dube said they were preparing to resume their US tours after having taken a break following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack on the Twin Towers in the US.

“We are preparing for our US tour. America has been demanding our music as we always thrilled them, especially during the 1993 to 1994 period,” Dube said.

“The demand is high now and previously, we stopped going there as there was a gap after the September 11 incident, as US barred some artistes from coming into that country. Now we are having a high demand.”

Dube said the group would also showcase their production at the Indiana Poliz showcase where different groups from around the world exhibit their products.

“On September 7, we will take part in the Indiana Poliz showcase where we will showcase our work. We registered to take part and we will meet up with a lot of international promoters and other artistes there. We will present a list of our new and old tracks.”

Dube said they would visit several places, including the East Coast as well as Boston, New York and Chicago before proceeding to Canada and then back to the US. - NewsDay