Dear Editor

Hope I find you well.

I have been supporting MDC since 2000. Over the years I have forced myself to ignore the power struggles, the splits, the infighting, the name calling, power grabs and disloyalty by some top members within the party.

Despite all this, I remained faithful to the MDC. Fast forward to 2020, I remained faithful to the MDC Alliance led by Nelson Chamisa ahead of the MDC-T led by Thokozani Khupe.

My hope was that Chamisa would take us to the ‘promised land’.

What is boggling my mind now is the level of optimism being displayed by ZANU PF especially when it comes to their policies and plans which are all going beyond 2023.

For instance, Vision 2030, National Development Strategy One (NDS1) (2021-2025) and Agriculture and Food Systems Transformation Strategy (2020-2025). The policies simply tell you that ZANU PF will still be around beyond 2023.  It might be shocking, but it’s what ZANU PF is telling its supporters and detractors.

What is chilling the spin is that, ZANU PF is not even worried about 2023 elections. To it, the elections are done and dusted, hence it is already planning post 2023 yet my party seems not to have even plans for the next day.

I am grieving inside to say that my party  is in a decomposition state, the head of the family, Chamisa  and other senior party leaders seem to be clueless goons at the moment. They seem to be waiting for a signal to take action. From the look of things, the signal is taking too long to come while the party further slides into political oblivion.

My heart is bleeding.

If my party doesn’t rise to the occasion now, ZANU PF’s plans are unstoppable, they will succeed. The last chance for MDC is 2023. If we don’t make it, it’s over. I am not prophesying doom for my party. It pains me to say this. If the MDC does not ascend to power in 2023, I will withdraw my support.

The other multi-million dollar question is why is ZANU PF so optimistic when there are other several opposition political parties in this country? Maybe ZANU PF now sees opposition parties as dead in this country.


Yours faithfully

Coxwell Nyamanhindi