Harare residents decry water scarcity under CCC-Led City Council

In interviews with this publication, residents from Glenview, Budiriro, and Mabvuku, among other suburbs, expressed their discontent with the council's failure to provide basic water services.

Nyoni a resident from Glenview 3, disclosed the dire situation, revealing the need to wake up at 2 am to secure water.

"It's disheartening that we have to wake up so early just to get water. And even then, it takes at least two hours to fill containers because the water flow is painfully slow during those early hours. It's a constant struggle," Nyoni remarked

The Women residing in Budiriro 5 suburb also voiced their frustrations, Mary Zvauya, on behalf of the women shared deep concerns regarding their safety while waiting at the borehole pumps, highlighting that they find themselves compelled to queue up for water as early as 2 am.

"We are exposed to abuse, and even carrying water home has become difficult. We often rely on male counterparts, sometimes strangers, for assistance, it is not just an inconvenience; it's a safety issue. We shouldn't have to endure this just to get the basic necessity of water,” Zvauya said

A local businessman in Budiriro running a food outlet, spoke on the condition of anonymity, highlighting the challenges faced by his business due to inadequate water supply.

"I've resorted to buying water in bulk daily to sustain my business and ensure the use of safe water for food preparation, it is a significant additional cost for my business, and it's affecting our operations. We need a reliable water supply to run our establishments smoothly,” the businessman stated

In Mabvuku, the prolonged water scarcity has created a dire situation for the residents, extending over a decade. The scarcity is not just a minor inconvenience but a persistent challenge that disrupts the normal flow of daily life.

Machemedze a resident of Mabvuku suburb bemoaned that water supply, occurred once last year, adding that even then it was insufficient to meet the community's needs.

"Water supply occurred only once last year, and the output was minimal, daily life has become a struggle as residents are consistently late for work and their children tardy for school due to the time-consuming process of seeking water in distant areas.

This isn't just an inconvenience for us. It's affecting our daily lives, our jobs, and our children's education. The CCC-led Council has failed us and we need a solution urgently,” Machemedze exclaimed

Despite Government efforts, including the introduction of the Presidential Borehole Scheme, challenges persist. Residents believe more needs to be done to alleviate their plight. The ongoing struggle for a fundamental resource like water underscores the urgent need for effective and sustainable solutions from the CCC-led council.