Open letter to Nelson Chamisa,

Firstly, as a young person who has a future life to live, I am much troubled by the bad behaviour of the MDC Alliance supporters who have caused much havoc and civil unrest in the country during the unsanctioned so-called national shutdown they hijacked which was organised by the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Union (ZCTU). We the young people, have a role to play in nation building. We cannot live you and your party destroying our beloved country like that.

As the leader of that opposition outfit, I guess you should have reprimanded your supporters to desist from acts of violence which has caused a lot of property damage and injuries to many innocent souls. It’s so senseless that you and your MDC Alliance supporters only think about unleashing violence as a way of resolving issues instead of resorting to other forms of peaceful communications. Honestly, Mr Chamisa, violence has become the trademark of your party and its causing much harm to the economy.

Ever since you grabbed power from the late MDC founder, Morgan Tsvangirai last year, your party has been known for political violence. If you remember well, at one point, the Zimbabwe Peace Project (ZPP) did a research last year and fingered your party as the most violent political party. According to ZPP, your party recorded 16 cases of electoral intra party violence compared to the ruling party, ZANU PF, which recorded only three cases.

If you were a genuine peaceful leader, you should have warned your supporters and put your house in order following the recommendations of the August 1, 2018 violent incidents that took place in Harare. Mr Chamisa, the testimonials that were given by witnesses to the Commission of Inquiry of the August 1 violence incidents depicted that MDC Alliance was the main perpetrator of violence.

Lastly, I am appealing to you and your party members to respect Zimbabweans by ending any forms of violence to enable the nation to move on. To be honest with you, Zimbabweans are peace loving citizens and as such, you must warn your unruly MDC Alliance hooligans against such bad practises.

Mr Chamisa, peace begins with you, peace begins with me, peace begins with all of us.

  • Peacemaker Zano via Email