2018 Election Debates - 26 June 2018

In almost every speech of ED I’ve listened to, he hardly speaks of Nelson Chamisa or Biti or any opposition leader. 
Their Twitter posts too show the same.


[No insults please] - Mary Ann Kirk via Facebook.


Facebook Replies


Gibson Hove ED has no time to speak about other politians. He is concentrating all his efforts on growing the economy and improve the lives of people of Zimbabwe. A great writer once said (Great people talk about issues affecting the people) This is exacly what ED is doing. He has no time to talk about people who are bound to lose the election. ED Pfeee.


Farooq Ronnie C Shumba Ane bhora ndiye anomakwa.


Lucia Maria Chakanyuka They clearly dont have anything to offer besides insults.ED has no time to listen to useless and small talk ED will take us far


Tichatonga Nzekete Jacob Mafume talking about your opponent when proposing a girl is a sign of insecurity and weakness.