2018 Harmonized Elections…. What they said!!!

They might not be on social media but zivai zvanoda, chamisa went to murehwa and promises them an airport but vanoda mbeu. always remember this rural forks are our brothers sisters and parents kana uri joni yo cant send them groceries but yo will be posting facebook eating in expensive restaurants.Ed anoendsa mbeu yawatadza kuvatengera uri joni so there will vote for him.coz mubereki wako unomuudza pekuvhotera kana uchimuchengeta – Evans Kujinga via Facebook

You chased Thokozani Khuphe away and invited Dr Amai Makazvikanyira mega. Hapana Rigging Apa. –Mary Ann Kirk via Facebook

You cannot promise UZUMBA resident a bullet train iye achida clean water .- Paul K Saungweme

Wambonzwa zvandanzwa wo here? Hanzi ED ane maSupporters, Nero ane maFans. MaFans ndevaye vanotemana nematombo kuMbare vakapfeka maJersey anaRonaldo naMessi avakatenga kumabhero ekuMupedzanhamo. MaSupporters ndisu tinotenga authenticated jerseys dzana Ronaldo and Messi as well as maSeason Tickets ekunovaona vanaRonaldo naMessi vachitamba kuBarcelona nekuMadrid. Kkkkkkkk - Wellahz McWellennium via Facebook

Moving on with the results, please everyone, get your councillor/ MPs details on speed-dial. Make sure that they deliver on their promises. they do not get a free ride on your votes! - Thokozani Khupe For President 2018 Via Facebook


Hamuchinji asimunoda change what kind of people are u, you g40s cum MDC A.

Hamushanduki, election in election out, TABIGWA .when things are so so transparent.

Plz accept defeat only once. - Oliver Chitamba via Facebook

Wamba dia Wamba, Nero, Nelson Chamisa, what ever you want to call him.

If ever life deserves to reward a man for his efforts, Nero is one such young politician, but the universal laws have little honour for thieves.

He rose to through the ranks through trickery, debauchery and vile chicanery.

He ends here. - Dambudzo Gezi via Facebook

I believe MDC Alliance leadership has a lot of lawyers in its file and ranks, by virtue of being lawyers , l thought they should follow wht the law says.
Purporting to announce results prematurely on social media when ZEC a constitutional body made mandated to do that, bogles my mind
Hope the voice of reason prevails in MDC Alliance leadership. – Douglas Mandaza via Facebook

The 5 stages of electoral grief that the MDC Alliance is going through are:
1.Denial -"We have won. ZANU PF cannot win an election"
2. Anger -"Rural voters are foolish and deserve to suffer"
3.Bargaining - Let's go for a GNU
4.Depression - It's not worth having elections at all
5. Acceptance - We have lost the plot. Let's try our lucky in 2023. – Elijah Chihota via Facebook

Well done Cde Simbaneuta Mudarikwa!
Zvaonekwa Mkanya maita henyu Mrehwa murakashi, marova dhongi mbama rikasekereraZvaitwa makwiramiti Big Bongwi!!!
This time Ministerial hamushayi! – Bongwi Defao

The voice of the People is the voice of God. So makes me happy as Zimbabwe has decided its five years to come. - Adonis Chipo via Facebook

Changu Chibaba Campion Takura Mugweni Pfeee Muparamende.Fire President Tulani mubako Pfee.

Mukomana wechidiki. - Tanaka Kevin Zezai via facebook

Garwe iro......
Shumba yerudzi rwaDhavhiti......
Musadaro mudhara Chamisa apinda mumaguza ne jombo....
Kozvaaiti sikavha iyo njani njani....
Inonzi Pfee.....
Magandanga akaita7days muna mbudzi gore rakapera pa ristooo regeci akapfeka kamafurashi kuti vazope Chamisa muna Nyamavhuvhu here - Raymond Stanley Mukuhlani Gomo via Facebook

You can rant and rave as you like but it is time you realise that endorsing Chamisa on social media without casting your votes does not win elections for you. ED knows how to court the electorate that matter. Fullstop. -Stanley Nenge via Facebook


The Zimbabwean opposition's obsession with the idea of Zanu-PF rigging is the foremost reason for its repeated electoral bungling. It's the veritable political equivalent of how a fixation with superstition and witchcraft can induce learned helplessness in an individual or a community. They must sit down, identify where they keep missing it and spend the next five years rectifying that. Otherwise they shouldn't expect a different result come 2023. - Gabriel Manyati via Facebook

Now that WE THE PEOPLE have made our choices, we say may the best man/Woman win. We go back to the things that matter most in our lives. 
Never again should we let a company Like COCA COLA take us for granted and mess with MAZOE. 
Let's hold accountable those with aspirations to serve the people.
It's WE THE PEOPLE who make MAZOE great.
Congrats to all who ran and those who won - Savanna Madamombe via Facebook

Rest in peace Chamisa and MDC A. ED vapinda panyanga. This time elected. - Paradzai Manyanga via Facebook

Kkkkkk udzai Chamisa tato medza Congo dust kare tamirira sister yake for delivery .

💦💦💦pfee. - Bry Chikaka via Facebook

Maybe someone should have told MDC that DIRECTION is more important than SPEED.
Anyway, isu tisina dzatinosapota, taakutotsvagawo ipapa after Elections. – Hubert Sithole via Facebook

Some of the newly elected MDC Alliance MPs were overhead saying: “We won by our own personal efforts, Chamisa lost by his own personal faults; therefore we will take our MP seats plus it's our opportunity to eat.” Pakaipa. - Gabriel Manyati via Facebook

Spaghetti roads dont appeal to rural folk.They dont care abt potholes.Pple in rural Zimbabwe only care abt farming.So if your strategy is abt fixing potholes and creating employment you speaking Chinese to them.All they want is a cup of fertilizer. - Horace DjPlatinum Mupinga via Facebook.