British teenager faces 'spying charge' in Egypt after taking photo from plane window

A British teenager is being held in an Egyptian prison accused of “spying,” his family claim.

A-level student Muhammed Fathi Abulkasem, 19, was reportedly travelling to visit friends in Egypt when he was arrested at the airport in Alexandria last week.

His family have had little opportunity to contact him but understand through a lawyer he is currently being held in a jail cell accused of “collecting information of a military facility”.

It came after Mr Adulkasem, from Manchester, took a photo which included a military helicopter from his plane as it landed.

The family are now appealing for Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt to step in, the Manchester Evening News reported.


"My baby Muhammed would not even hurt a fly, he is a big soft teddy," Muhammed’s mum, Imaan Rafiq, said.

"He is a soft and compassionate person.

“We just want to stop this before a kid’s life is ruined.”

In a statement, the Foreign Office said: “We are seeking more information from the Egyptian authorities following the arrest of a British person in Alexandria, as well as permission for consular access.

"Our staff are providing assistance to his family.” -