US donates ventilators to Zim

By Staff Reporter

….as calls for US to remove sanctions grow louder.

Yesterday, the United States of America (USA), through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), donated 20 brand-new ventilators to Solidarity Trust Zimbabwe (STZ) to help the country in its fight against COVID 19.

However, many Zimbabweans have called for America to unconditionally remove all illegal sanctions it imposed on Zimbabwe to allow the country to fight the pandemic without any hindrances.

In a statement yesterday, the US Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Brian Nichols, said they are pleased to complement Zimbabwe’s efforts to combat the spread of COVID 19.

“Too many Zimbabweans have already passed away due to COVID-19.  We express our deepest condolences to all who have lost their loved ones.  We are pleased to deliver 20 ventilators, which complement Zimbabwe’s efforts to combat COVID-19 and demonstrate the United States’ ongoing commitment to supporting the people of Zimbabwe through this crisis and beyond,” said Nichols.

Nichols further said that the ventilators that were produced in the United States will provide medical professionals with flexibility in treating patients affected by the virus. 

The ventilators may prove lifesaving for individuals who develop respiratory complications due to COVID-19.

However, many Zimbabweans took to Twitter to urge the American Government to remove the illegal sanctions it imposed on Zimbabwe as these sanctions are hindering Government’s efforts in fighting against the disease.

“20 ventilators cannot serve all the Zimbabweans in need. Remove your illegal sanctions so that the Government can freely source its own medicine and equipment.” tweeted one Nicole Hondo.

Another Twitter user, Trust Ncube, said the donation was nothing if the illegal sanctions are not lifted.

“20 ventilators against what population? I just thank you for showing a real Zimbabwean how cruel your country is .You can't give us 20 ventilators and keep the sanctions,” fumed Ncube.

Twitter user, @jewels, tweeted “You destroy our economy with your sanctions, which we all know you are going to renew soon, then you donate 20 ventilators.  Are we supposed to jump around like monkeys and say thank you?”

Another Netizen, Never Maswerasei reminded the Americans that their donations should be genuine with no strings attached.

“This is what you could stick to without pocking your nose into the democratic governance affairs of our country as if you are the arbiters of democracy when in actual fact you are far from that as we recently  saw in your own country,” said Maswerasei.

The Government has intensified its efforts in fighting Covid 19 with testing being done across the country. Several Covid 19 treatment centres have also been constructed to cater for the sick.