South Sudan President promotes wife to major General

 South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir has promoted his wife to major general, bolstering speculation that the wife’s rise in the army could eventually lead to a political career

According to South Sudanese military Mary Ayen Mayardit to the rank of the major general in the SPLA army.

In a statement aired on Juba-based Radio Tamazuj, SPLA Army spokesman Brig. Gen. Lul Ruai Koang confirmed to the presidential directive adding that other two women were promoted.

With the promotion, Kiir’s wife becomes a major general and remains the top commander of East Africa’s youngest nation hailing from Presidency after Kiir.

The order issued by President Kiir, who also doubles as the Commander-In-Chief of the SPLA army, did not specify what duties the First Lady would partake in her new assignment as an army general.

According to PLM Daily, two other women were promoted from a Brigadier to a Major General in the army on 27 July.

“The promoted female officers are from Shield One and Shied Two in the SPLA. They have actually been a part of the movement since 1983 under the Women’s Battalion known as Katiba Banat,” Lul said.

“General Nyankiir and General Aluel have also been promoted to the rank of a Major General,” he added.

Lul further affirmed that the promotions were based on merit and capacity slamming public mumbles on the controversial promotion.

“It is the first time for female officers to be promoted to the rank of a major general,” he said. - Halbeeg