SMEs Expo kicks off

By Rudo Saungweme

It was a hive of activity today at Harare International Conference Centre (HICC) as small to medium businesses exhibited their products.

The event organised by the Ministry of Small to Medium Enterprises Development pulled together exhibitors such as farmers, herbal industry, crafting and financing companies. Minister Stembiso Nyoni is expected to officiate at the event tomorrow.

In an interview with Harare Post, one of the exhibitor, Teresina Chimombe who is in the business of selling herbal products said, “My business is flourishing and I am expecting to venture into exporting soon. I harness the natural plants that are lying idle in both the rural and urban areas of Zimbabwe with the aim of bringing to the public the richness and goodness found within our land.

“Our herbs are very cheap and affordable. So many people come here to buy my products. Our principal herb which is the aloe vera has a lot of healing properties which include, food nutrition, elimination detox, provides energy and also act as an antibiotic,” she said.

Chimombe added that her herbal clinic which is located in Westgate has attracted a number of people who come from as far as Namibia.

Lora Machlungu who was showcasing her products made from reeds said, “I come from Lupane and the products I have here have tags that show the names of the women who make them. So we are promoting their work and empowering them through selling their products.”

Small and Medium enterprises are an engine of innovation and growth, they help to reduce poverty and kill the dependency syndrome in people. It empowers the small businesses, create employment and generate significant domestic and export earnings.