GDP and economic growth at peak

By Gift Mashoko                                           

President Emmerson Mnangagwa today President Emmerson Mnagagwa who was the guest of honour at the  2018 PF National assembly Meeting of the Youth League said that the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and Economic growths are at a peak.

“Economy yedu is heating up, it has grown. In fact our GDP last year was around 18 billion, by September this year it was around 25billion, GDP. Economic growth last year was on 2.8%, currently it is around 4.6 / 4.7%, by December according to projection it is expected to heat kuma 6%. Saizvozvo pane huge pressure inobva yauya pa foreign currency although our foreign currency earnings have grown by 23%, but our importation bill is over 35%, so there is no match.

“All that is required is to have both a social, political and economic environment which is peaceful and stagnant. We will continue to create conditions for the Zimbabwe we want,” he said.

President Mnangagwa said the meeting had come at an opportune time.

“Our meeting today comes after our party’s broad showing during the 2018 harmonised presidential elections held on 30 July and precedes our national people’s conference scheduled for December this year. We also held the crucial central committee meeting only last week which gave insightful guidance to the party,” he said.

President Mnangagwa highlighted that as the national youth league’s 4th meeting and since it’s the end of 2018, the meeting should do a post-mortem of what they have done well and where they have failed and their strengths and weaknesses, uplifting the good and throwing away the bad.

He went on to congratulate the Youth League on their tireless effort as they work hard for the party especially during the election period and he encouraged them not to give up.

“Allow me to congratulate the Youth League for its contributions and role it played towards the thunderous victory during the elections. I challenge Chivavira not to be complacent but work harder…and strategically for the improvement of the quality of life of our people.

“As the Youth League, you are an integral part of our revolutionary party. Let me urge you to be always mindful of your mandate as clearly laid out in our Constitution Chapter 3, article 17, Section 193, which includes; 1- to mobilise the youth to full participation political social cultural and economic affairs of the country. Number 2, to mobilise the youth in support and defence of the party. Number 3, to promote the interests of the youth. Number 4, to promote fostering and encouraging skills development and lives among the youths, 5 to implement projects and programmes for the Youth League,” he said.

President Mnangagwa encouraged the National Youth League leadership to work wholeheartedly in their execution of duties.

“The phase we have entered as a party demands that you here present as leadership of the Youth League from different provinces, honestly and critically introspect the degree to which you have worked towards the fulfilment of the aims and objectives of the Youth League. This is a constitutional mandate that should not be taken lightly,” he said.