Hwende attacks local businesses

By Patience Rashai

MDC Kuwadzana East legislator, Charlton Hwende has slammed the business community for calling on the removal of sanctions, claiming that they should instead be calling for political reforms which he believes are bedevilling the country’s business operating environment.

In a tweet, the legislator said, “The Zimbabwe crisis is not economic but a political crisis emanating from stolen elections and subversion of the will of the people. Business people calling for removal of sanctions without the necessary political reforms must be calling for dialogue to resolve the political impasse.”

Such ignorance from Hwende drew criticism from the public for MDC’s double standards given that end of 2018 saw the party’s leadership travelling to the US to negotiate for the renewal of sanctions which continue hurting the business environment.

Dismissively, Admire Taguta lamented, “Tired narrative. Trying to seek relevance in the bigger scheme of things. We know you are grandstanding just to win the MDC Alliance Presidency for Chamisa and to ensure voters don't forget you come 2023.”

Seemingly in agreement, Tamburai said, “It’s not political but results of the currency distortions. Answers lie in whether to dollarize or introduce a floated local currency. Even if Chamisa was to lead today, he would face the same dilemma.”

Sanctions which the US insisted to have been targeted at individuals are instead hurting local businesses leading to the call on uplifting of sanctions, a situation which MDC wants to ride on to initiate political dialogue.

Exposing MDC, Denzel Sita said, “Political impasse is a term used to bring forth a discussion of egos and not solutions. If the other side says they can save the nation, let them open fuel stations and supply their supporters with fuel, let them use council resources to empower their fellow men and develop Zimbabwe.” A scenario which the MDC have failed to reign on, given that they control most towns in the country.