Chinese company excites local macadamia farmers

By Patience Rashai

Local macadamia nuts producers have upped production following investment from a Chinese company willing to invest and later purchase the final output.

Chipinge macadamia nuts producers said that they had since increased production for the 2018/19 season, as they increased efforts to generate foreign currency.

Horticulture specialist, Mr Douglas Nzarayebani revealed that nut production which had the potential to earn the country at least US $100 000 million if resources and funds were channelled towards the nuts’ production.

“This year we expect to earn about US $47 000 from a Chinese company which buys our macadamia nuts every season. There has also been a surge in demand for the product on the Asian market rendering farming of these nuts lucrative for future farmers.

“This farming season, farmers planted 3 119 hectares and hence our goal is to produce at least 9 357 tonnes.”

Zimbabwean farmers are reaping benefits from the relationship between the two countries as China intensifies its efforts to invest in the country’s agricultural sector. Zimbabwean farmers are also benefiting from the China-Aid Agricultural Technology Demonstration Center which is 27 km north-west of Harare, where they are getting knowledge on how to improve farming yields.