Govt set to deal with economic inefficiencies

By Derick Tsimba

Government is set to deal with economic inefficiencies that have been hindering economic development, a cabinet Minister has said.

Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Professor Mthuli Ncube on his twitter handle said Zimbabwe had been for long affected by economic inefficiencies resulting in its failure to deliver. 

Zimbabwe’s economy has been full of inefficiencies for far too long. Waste in the economy, has led to want amongst the people,” said the Minister.

The Minister also said Government had put in place measures to reform the economy through the Transitional Stabilisation Programme (TSP).

“Government’s Transitional Stabilisation Programme is at the heart of our economic reform programme,” said the Minister.

Commenting on the statement by the Minister Ncube, an official from the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development said Government was going to deal with underperformance through interventions that restructure underperforming parastatals.

“At the core of this restructuring initiative is what to do with our underperforming parastatals, on the one hand, we believe that our natural resources and large industries are Zimbabwean, and must remain in the hands of Zimbabweans,” said an official from the Ministry.

Harare Post has learnt that the TPS focuses on reforming State enterprises to ensure that they operate profitably to achieve sustainable economic growth and improved service delivery.