Chamisa lambasted over MPS comment

Christopher Makaza

Netizens have castigated MDC leader, Nelson Chamisa for his attack on the Monetary Policy Statement presented by Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) Governor, Dr John Mangudya on Wednesday arguing that he is good at criticising other people`s efforts rather than proffering solutions to the country`s crisis.

Chamisa on his Twitter page posted, “The Monetary Policy Statement is a disaster that will erode livelihoods, plunge the nation into darkness and uncertainty. The nation was misled that bond note was equal to USD. Not good enough to simply wake up to say the same are now no longer equal, minus apology and compensation.”

Responding to Chamisa`s tweet, MDC-T Vice President Obert Gutu tweeted, “We expect candid and objective analysis of RBZ Governor John Mangudya's Monetary Policy Statement (MPS) by seasoned economists and not the usual posturing and grandstanding by over-rated political opportunists who can't even manage their personal finances. #NoToVerbalDiarrhoea.”

Tsanga Midzi responded, “Problem is you don't offer solutions but you are just there to oppose just for the sake of being an opposition party. You too are responsible for the decay and rot of the livelihoods as you pledge to make the country ungovernable.”

Another cyber troll, Andre Armhand posted, “You are sounding like a broken record. Your empty words do not put food on people's table. At least come up with practical viable alternatives if you mean well but we all know power is the end you seek so l will be asking for too much from you.”

Chisandau Stanie responded, “Honestly speaking, you have contributed to the suffering of people as shown by your arrogance in refusing to participate in a dialogue, Tsvangirai was more reasonable than you.”

Former MDC member, Eddie Cross has, however, hailed the monetary policy saying it’s a step in the right direction especially looking at the establishment of the formal forex exchange market adding that forex prices will stabilise and the forex black market will eventually disappear.

Relatedly, MDC-T spokesperson, Linda Masarira posted, “My logical personal opinion on the monetary policy is that, the introduction of the market determined rate for the USD and the RTGS balance will bring about sanity in the markets and pricing of goods.”