Farmers welcome new maize producer price

Rudo Saungweme

Farmers country-wide have welcomed the new maize producer price which is now pegged at RTGS1 400 from RTGS726 per metric tonne.

In interviews, several farmers said the new price would go a long way to cushion them.

The farmers have, however, called upon government to subsidise seed and fertiliser prices so that they will be able to purchase agriculture inputs for the next farming season.

Speaking to Harare Post today, Mr Luke Nyabadza, a farmer from Mazowe said that he appreciated government efforts to make sure that farmers are cushioned especially in these current economic hardships.

“As farmers, we appreciate the review by the government although we were expecting more than that. It is our hope that government will subsidise maize seed and fertiliser prices which continue to affect farmers,” he said.

Zimbabwe Farmers’ Union Chief Executive Officer, Mr Paul Zacharia highlighted that the reviewed producer price now matches those of other countries in the region.

“The upward review of maize producer price from RTGS $726 to RTGS $1400 per metric tonne which is US$242 based on the current interbank market rate of US $1: RTGS $5.5, is now at par with the maize producer price obtaining in the region.

“We urge farmers to take their maize to the Grain Marketing Board (GMB),” he said.

Mr Zacharia suggested that Government must engage the farmers and explain to them on the review of the producer price.