Zimbabwe-Malawi sign joint tourism bilateral cooperation

By Derick Tsimba

Zimbabwe and Malawi signed the second joint tourism bilateral cooperation during a Tourism Technical Committee meeting held in Masvingo recently, Harare Post can report.

On its Twitter handle, the Ministry of Environment, Tourism and Hospitality Industry said the second joint Tourism Technical Committee meeting was for the two countries to improve the performance of their tourism industry pursuant to the bilateral tourism cooperation.

“The second Zimbabwe Malawi joint Tourism Technical Committee Meeting is a benchmark study on the key tourism policy and legislation between the two countries,” said the Ministry.

On its Twitter handle, Zimbabwe Tourism Authority said Zimbabwe and Malawi needed to learn from each other’s tourism industry experience.

“There is need for information exchange to learn from each other’s successful experiences, sustainable tourism programs and community involvement in the tourism value chain.

“The Tourism Technical Committee meeting deliberated on issues around tourism cooperation including but not limited to joint marketing, facilitation, promotion, investment, air connectivity, festivals, culture and heritage trails,” said the Authority.

Zimbabwe is in the process of turning around its fortunes in the tourism industry. Through the Second Republic, the country has started the process of re-engagement with its key tourism partners in a move that should see increased investment in the tourism sectors by tourism players.