ZETDC introduces low priced tariff band

By Derick Tsimba

Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) has introduced a lower priced tariff band to improve the customer experience, Harare Post can report.

In a press statement today, ZETDC said the new tariff band was a positive response to customer requests for lower priced units beneath the premium band effective 12th June 2020.

ZETDC said domestic stepped tariffs with the new band are as follows, 0 to 50kwh cost $26 @ 52c/kWh, 51 to 200 kWh cost $172 @$1.14kWh, 201 to 300kwh cost $312 @$3.12 kWh new tariff band and from 301 kWh cost $4.88 kWh.

“The new tariff band consisting of 100 kWh, which stretches from 201 to 300 kWh, will therefore cost $312 including levies,” said ZETDC.

The power company also said in every calendar month, customers are allocated 50 units at a lifeline tariff rate of $0.52 costing $26, including levies. The next 150 kWh (51 to 200 kWh) in the same calendar month being charged at $1.14 cost $172, including levies.

ZETDC also emphasised that customers should not purchase electricity at the beginning of the month.

“In addition the customer perception that power is cheaper at the beginning of the month is not correct, and was leading to high transaction volumes at the beginning of each month, resulting in the significant slowing down of the vending system,” said ZETDC.