Farmers urged to embrace new farming methods

Agriculture Reporter

Mwenezi West Member of Parliament (MP) Hounorable Priscilla Moyo has urged farmers in Mwenezi District to practice new methods of farming to improve production as climate change continue to affect farmers in the region.

Most farmers lost their livestocks last year due to dry pastures caused by low rainfall and El Nino, leaving a lot of people vulnerable to hunger.

Giving her opening remarks at the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Resettlement Youth in Agriculture Capacity Building Wirkshop being held at Chinyu Primary School in Mwenezi, Honourable Moyo said communities have to take advantage of the government’s call for farmers to embrace new methods of farming.

“I urge you all to embrace the new farmimg methods being introduced by the Government.The new farming methods are meant to protect us from the effects of climate change. My wish is for you to acquire adequate knowledge on how you could increase production in your farms even in times of drought.I therefore challenge you to have a mentality of production and profitability,”said Honouranle Moyo.

Honourable Moyo further urged the 35 delegates to adopt a culture of hardworking so that President Mnangagwa’s Vision 2030 of attaining a Middle Upper Income Economy by 2030 could be achieved

“We should teach our people that you get something after working.We have countries like China where people don’t sleep, it has become a culture that they work.We have countries that we envy today, no one built those countries for them but it’s their labor .We should be a people who always want to do good for their country. If we therefore maximise production in our plots,surely we can rapidly develop as a nation,” added Cde Moyo.

Cde Moyo who is also doing well at her farm where she is into various horticultural products,urged farmers to acquire water harvesting skills so that they can farm throughout the year.

“We should not allow water to flow away while we are not using it. If possible, lets harvest it and use it in our plots. I can assure you that with agriculture you will never go wron,” said Cde Moyo.

Honourable Moyo implored farmers who are attending the workshop to go and share the information with their peers in the villages so that everyone would gain knowledge on good agricultural practices.