Business hails New Dispensation

Mat-North Correspondent

Victoria Falls businessman and former Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC) Vice President, Ozias Marange said the New Dispensation had made significant strides in creating a good business environment for indigenous people.

Since assuming office in 2017, the New Dispensation has put in place various measures to revive the economy that suffered almost two decades of international isolation due to illegal sanctions imposed by the West.

Marange said the involvement of indigenous people in various sectors of the economy was crucial.

“As business people we are grateful to Government for creating an enabling environment for indigenous people to prosper in various sectors of the economy such as transport, mining, retail and manufacturing.

“Indigenous people are a game changer because they don’t need to repatriate profits anywhere, the money remains in local circulation further boosting the economy,” he added that, “this does not mean that foreign direct investment is not needed, we still need it especially in capital intensive operations such as underground mining and others.”

He stressed that government should continue protecting indigenous businesspeople.

“Sectors such as transport, retail and others should continue to be reserved for locals because they require less capital and locals can start from there to raise capital for other ventures,” urged Marange.

Marange added that the active involvement of indigenous people in business was in line with Vision 2030.

“Vision 2030 is attainable, with the active involvement of indigenous people as we are witnessing today. Most sectors of the economy are performing well especially mining and agriculture.

“With the rate at which agriculture is performing, the country may not import some grains again which is encouraging,” he said.

Government is targeting to achieve an Upper Middle Income Economy by 2030 (Vision 2030). Other measures being put in place by Government to ensure that the country attains the status include the National Development Strategy One (NDS1), forex auction system, enhanced fight against corruption, engagement and re-engagement with the international community and setting up of critical infrastructure such as roads, dams as well as power generation plants.

Marange has interests in education, hardware, transport and fuel retailing.