Zim embraces ‘new’ investment landscape

Business Writer

The Zimbabwe Investment and Development Agency (ZIDA) says Zimbabwe is ready to promote investment conduits through digital platforms as it adjusts to the new normal, under COVID-19.

Addressing delegates attending the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair, ZIDA, Chief Executive Officer, Douglas Munatsi advised that Zimbabwe was fully operational, and brimming with investment opportunities in all sectors of the economy.

“We want the world to know that we have adjusted to the new normal and we are fully operational.

“For us, COVID-19 brought an opportunity to fully embrace digital platforms and we believe we have successfully done that. There has been transformation of the investment landscape and market available investment opportunities,” he said.

Marketing the country, the investment agency head said that Zimbabwe’s centrality and good climate equally made it lucrative and competitive for business and investment.

“Zimbabwe is easy to connect with, and has good climate, in fact it’s considered to be one of the countries with the best climate in the world, which makes it easier and preferred to conduct business,” he said.

Lucrative bankable opportunities for investment were said to be available at all stages of value chains in the mining, agriculture, tourism, arts, sports, accommodation, infrastructure development, ICT, entertainment and energy sectors.

“Brand Zimbabwe is also known for its well-mannered and hardworking people world over, and that makes it attractive,.”

He added that he had recently met a Zimbabwean water engineer who works in Tasmania and was equally astonished on how he had managed to penetrate such a remote area, implying that Zimbabweans were preferred the world over.

“Such is an example of how well marketed brand Zimbabwe is, because Zimbabweans are world over,” said Munatsi.

Through ZIDA, the Second Republic has managed to spearhead the operationalization of the One Stop Investment Service centre (OSISC), which eliminates middlemen and consultants and create a seamless and efficient license application process for investors.

The country’s Ease of Doing Business has also significantly improved within the region, currently on position 140 out of 190, having moved in the positive direction in 2020.