Gvt urged to facilitate Civil Servants forex withdrawal

Staff Reporter

The Zimbabwe Confederation of Public Sector Trade Union (ZCPSTU) has urged Government to facilitate easy access to the weekly withdrawal of US$50 by civil servants who barely have time to queue at the Bureau de Change due to the nature of their jobs.

ZCPSTU Chairperson, Cecilia Alexander, pointed out that there is a growing outcry from civil servants over their inability to access the weekly US$50 due to long winding queues.

“Civil Servants cannot afford to wait in long queues or wake up at night to join the queues at the Bureau de Change as they have to report for work in the morning.

“Government should therefore consider the plight of the civil servants and workout modalities that will ensure they also benefit from the facility,” said Alexander.

Economic analyst, Abednego Matsika argued that the US$50 could be added to the civil servant’s salaries as part of their remuneration, since most of their bills are pegged in USD.

“Civil Servant expenses are now predominantly in USD, their rentals, fuel, medications and ZIMRA is even levying some of its taxes in USD.

“It is advisable for the Government to give its workers part of their salary denominated in USD,” urged Matsika.

Alexander reiterated Matsika saying, “This USD had come as a relief for the civil servants, but the facility is being swamped as it is open for everyone. 

“The black market dealers are the ones who are congesting the Bureau de Change making it very difficult for the civil servants to access the facility due to the long queues.”

Government recently introduced the weekly withdrawal of US$50 that can be accessed at bank rate as a way of taming the runaway parallel market, which has now reached USD1: ZW$185.  The weekly withdrawal facility received an overwhelming response from the public resulting in long winding queues and stampede at the Bureau de Change.  The public is now waking up early to join the queues with some sleeping in queues in order to access the facility.