Gvt to link farm annual production to 99 year Leases

Agricultural Reporter

The Government, through the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development is going to link annual production and productivity returns to the acquisition of 99 year leases, a move that will enhance efficiency and ease of doing business.

Announcing through a press statement, Minister Dr Anxious Masuka said any farmer requesting for a 99 year lease would first have to go through the Zimbabwe Land Commission for its consideration and report.

“In pursuit of the Ease of Doing Business and as a consequence of the need for A1 and A2 farmers to submit mandatory Annual Production and Productivity Returns with immediate effect, these returns will now be used to assess the readiness of a farmer to qualify for the issuance of a Ninety-nine Year Lease without the farmer having to apply for the lease,” Masuka said.

He further explained that, “The focus of linking  Annual Production and Productivity Returns to Ninety-nine Year Leases is enhancing ease of doing business, cost reduction, elimination of bureaucracy, streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency, while motivating and priming farmers for high production and productivity as we journey toward Vision2030.”

All A2 farmers who failed to submit their productivity returns have been reminded to submit their annual production and productivity returns not later than the extended deadline of 31 March 2022. 

“A2 farmers are advised that the Department of Land Management and Administration and AGRIEX are jointly carrying out plot verification exercise and productivity assessments on all farms,” read the statement.

This new arrangement that requests farmers to produce their Annual Production and Productivity Returns will ensure that no farm land lies idle without being fully utilised.  All land should be productive and be treated as a business to ensure food security for the country and also earn foreign currency through exports.