Local Chiefs bless coal mining in Binga

Staff Reporter in Binga

Monaf Coal Miners, the British-owned company which was granted a mining permit granted by Government has also been given the green light by the traditional leaders in Binga to mine coal in Muchesu area under Chief Sinakhoma.

The permission was granted during a traditional ceremony that was solemnised by Chief Sinakhoma and his neighbour, Chief Siachilaba.

The traditional ceremony came as a relief to Monaf Coal Miners who have been failing to officially mine coal in the area before traditional leadership has given them permission to do so.

The company, which has already brought in heavy duty mining equipment and employed about 100 local people, was yet to seriously get into business as the traditional ceremony to bless the company`s activities had not been done. The mining equipment on the ground shows that the company is geared for serious coal mining.

With the blessing from the local chiefs in Binga, Monaf Coal Miners will start to get the ball rolling. The company will compete with Hwange Colliery Company.

Monaf has promised to change the face of Binga to prosperity. According to the company management, a railway line connecting Binga and Hwange Colliery Company will be built and a vibrant road network will also be constructed. The management also promised the local people that it would employ the locals with a view to empowering them.

Land clearing on areas where mining will take place and for workers’ residential area is already in progress.

The mining activity will, however, start after the relocation of about 17 families to a new site. Each of the relocated family will get a modern home and US$2000 as displacement allowance.

The company intends to build a dam for the people. In addition, they will get solar-powered electricity.

Relocation of local people to pave way for mining activities is not new in Zimbabwe. In Chiadzwa, Manicaland, villagers were relocated to ARDA Transau when diamonds were discovered in the area.