Alrosa Zimbabwe meets the Kimberly Process standards

Staff Reporter

A contact in the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development has revealed that Alrosa Diamond Pvt Company (Zimbabwe) has been commended by economic analysts for meeting the standards of the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) following the visit by the KPCS Technical Committee Team (TCT).

The contact revealed that the mandate of the KPCS is to ensure that the diamond producers meet their requirements which the Alrosa Diamond Pvt Company did.

“A visit made by the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme TCT to Alrosa Diamond Pvt Company has proved that the diamond company is doing what is expected of it by the KPCS. Alrosa is meeting the country`s legal framework in its operations, meeting the internal security controls and its relationship with its stakeholders is satisfactory.

“The security standards meet the expectations of the diamond industry. This is very pleasing. One can actually tell that a US$12 billion mining industry is possible by 2030,” revealed the contact.

The contact revealed that Alrosa company has got good relations with its community and it worked very well with the community`s opinion leaders who are the village heads and chiefs.

Speaking on the security of the company, the contact revealed that the company had a system that is good enough to prevent diamond leakages. The contact revealed that the operational area is protected by more than 20 close circuit televisions.

Alrosa Zimbabwe Pvt Company is responsible of the exploration of Kimberlitic diamonds since its establishment in 2019. The exploration is being done together with Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company (ZCDC) in Beitbridge, Gwanda, Triangle and Chiadzwa.

Economic analysts have applauded the smooth sailing of operations of the Alrosa Company stating that this will also amplify efforts by other companies and Government institutions in protecting the KPCS certificate of the country.