Tobacco farmers impressed by prices

Staff Reporter

Tobacco growers are provisionally happy with the opening selling prices obtaining at the auction floors and are optimistic that this might turn out to be a good marketing season for farmers.

A survey conducted by this publication at the auction floors in Harare yesterday showed that most farmers were happy with  the grading and pricing at contract and auction floors which has seen prices reaching the US$6 per kg mark.

A farmer who spoke to this publication said that she was happy that this year’s average prices were slightly hovering above US$2.70 per kg unlike the previous season where initial prices were around US$1.80 per kg.

“This year the prizes are a little better as compared to last year. The prices are hovering around US$2.70 per kg and we hope they will improve as the marketing season progresses. If the prices continue like this, we will manage to go back to the field again,” said Ellen Mutandiro of Matepatepa.

Another farmer, Andrew Gozho, who was selling his tobacco at Zimbabwe Leaf Tobacco auction floors, said the high prices for low grade tobacco have given farmers reason to believe that exciting times are imminent as lags and leaf grades will soon be finding their way to the market.

“This season is really exciting when one considers the prices that are on offer. The current prices have given us positive signals that we may witness the best season ever with respect to prices as well as quality. There is generally good progression owing to how classifiers and buyers are conducting their business. I hope that the quality tobacco that we will deliver to the auction floors in the coming weeks will fetch higher prizes,” said Gozho.

Despite the poor rainfall that characterised the tobacco farming season, 2022 is anticipated to be one of the best seasons with respect to quality and pricing of the golden leaf.