China urges UN rights office to promote cooperation, dialogue

In the face of rising unilateralism, protectionism and populism worldwide, multilateralism is more imperative than ever and the shared challenges of mankind can only be tackled through concerted efforts, a senior Chinese diplomat highlighted on Thursday.

In a statement on behalf of some 50 like-minded countries during the dialogue with the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Yu Jianhua, head of China's Mission to the UN at Geneva, said that China and other like-minded developing countries will continue to give strong support to the UN and High Commissioner for advances in the global cause for human rights.

"We, the like-minded group, stand ready to work with other parties to uphold multilateralism, cooperation, and dialogue, particularly as the international community is marking the centenary of multilateralism," Yu said.

He said China and other like-minded countries hope the High Commissioner and her office could uphold the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, respect sovereignty and territorial integrity and work consistently in an impartial, objective, constructive and non-selective manner.

"The politicization of the human rights agenda and double standards should be avoided," Yu noted.

The UN human rights work should also promote dialogue and exchange among all parties on the basis of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit, he said, adding that the UN Human Rights Council should be a platform for communication, not confrontation.

The Chinese diplomat told the audience that China and other like-minded countries oppose naming and shaming and public exertion of pressure.

"We should advance human rights in a balanced manner, increase input into economic, social, cultural rights and the right to development, and provide technical assistance for human rights in line with the will and requirements of the countries concerned," he said.

"We should respect the development path independently chosen by a country, recognize the progress and efforts of states in the field of human rights, and promote their good practices," Yu added.

The UN Human Rights Council on Thursday continued its interactive dialogue with High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet on her annual report and oral update, which addressed numerous human rights challenges across the world. - CGTN