Trump threatens to reject poll results

by Harare Post reporter

In what political analysts have termed “mentor mentality”, United States of America President, Donald Trump has hinted that he would not accept the outcome of November elections.

Coached by USA, the MDC has been refusing to accept elections outcomes citing rigging allegations.

Trump recently twice refused to confirm if he would accept the results of the November elections if he lost to Biden. He was being interviewed by Chris Wallace of Fox News. He asserted that he didn’t want to lose, adding "you don’t know until you see. It depends. l think mail in voting is going to rig the election. l really do."

Pressed further if he would accept the results if he lost, the President responded "No, l have to see".

Political analyst, Kundai Masekesa said there had always been a link between the behaviour of the MDC and that of Trump.

“MDC is coached by Trump and his predecessor. They both have a casual approach to politics.

“They always want things to go their way, which is not the case in politics, where things can go either way and it’s a fact of life that each politician must accept and live with,” Masekesa said.

He said that some people always denied the fact that MDC was handled by the USA.

“More often than not, MDC and their cronies always refuse to accept that they have a dubious relationship with the West. The MDC always refuse that USA is their mentor and here is the evidence.”

In past elections, MDC went to the extent of announcing election results, taking over the mandate of the Zimbabwe Election Commission.