Trump, a poisoned chalice: Analysts

by Staff Reporter

In yet another not so surprising move, United States of America (USA) President, Donald Trump has refused to commit to a peaceful transfer of power, if he loses the 3 November 2020, elections.

After being asked by journalists if he will transfer power in the event that he loses elections in November Trump said, “Well, we'll have to see what happens."

Trump’s behavior and line of thought augurs well with that of most opposition political parties in Africa that always reject the outcome of any electoral process, which doesn’t favor them.

The USA is widely believed to be the handler and mentor of most of the opposition political personalities in Africa. These include the Nelson Chamisa in Zimbabwe, Bobi Wine in Uganda, Raila Odinga in Kenya among others.

Political analysts who spoke to this publication said Trump favored anarchy and chaos at the expense of peace even in Africa, where his government sponsored opposition political parties to implement such nefarious plans.

“No one can be wiser than their god or that which they worship. The remarks by Trump only show the kind of advice he can give to some opposition parties in Africa. It’s a shame that those who politically worship him have thrown away the tenets of democracy in the same manner he -Trump- has.

“Revolutionary parties in Africa should know that he (Trump) is a poisoned chalice. An anti-democratic element whose views are counter revolutionary,” said a Victoria Falls based political analyst, Clement Mukwasi

Mukwasi said Trump’s behavior was a recipe for mayhem.

“‘Leading democracies should not be involved in such pedestrian views. Our local opposition has nhodzera,” he said.

Another political analyst, Nkosilathi Jiyane said Trump sounds defeated even before the election.

“He behaves like an opposition party in Africa. Opposition parties in Africa always blame the election process. We do not expect that kind of behavior from the so-called champions of democracy.

“He does not practise what he preaches. The US, however, seems to be prepared for his ouster from the White House should he refuse to relinquish power after his loss.

 “How can Trump doubt the voting system he claims is water tight. This makes us doubt his entry to power in 2016. His entry then smells of a rigging process, hence the US has no business preaching to Africa on rigged elections,” Jiyane said.

Commenting on the same issue, a political analyst, Christopher Mufakwadzi concurred with Mukwasi and Jiyane saying the statement that Trump made, clearly showed the kind of guidance given to some opposition political parties in Africa that believes in the all-importance of the American system.

“It’s a disgrace that those who politically believe in him have cast away the principle of democracy in the same fashion that Trump has. Also his behavior and reckless statements have perpetuated citizens’ unrest in recent months, which is not a good for democratic leadership. It is the same behavior that is possessed by the number of opposition political parties in Africa,” Mufakwadzi said.

Recently, Trump pushed for the November poll postponement claiming it will be the "most inaccurate and fraudulent in history." Prior to this, Trump had threatened to reject the results of the same poll if he loses.

Coached by USA, the MDC has been coming up with unthinkable demands before, during and after every election in Zimbabwe, since the year 2000.The peak being refusing to accept elections outcomes citing rigging, intimidation and other unproven accusations.