Acting President Mohadi Commends Ambassador Catriona Laing

by Gift Mashoko

Outgoing British Ambassador to Zimbabwe Ambassador Catriona Laing bade farewell to Zimbabwe in her meeting with Acting President Kembo Mohadi, who commended her for bringing the UK and Zimbabwe into good books.

In a media briefing after the meeting, Acting President Mohadi highlighted how Ambassador Laing had worked well with Zimbabwe resulting in the two countries improving relations.

“The relations between the two countries, during her stay have improved significantly and what is important is that she witnessed the coming of the new Government,” he said.

Acting President Mohadi said that Ambassador Laing had also strengthened ties between the two countries with the advice she proffered on a number of issues for the betterment of Zimbabwe.

“She has also advised us on a number of issues we need to look at as a country,” said Acting President Mohadi.

Acting President Mohadi expressed his contentment on the improved relations between Zimbabwe and Britain which was seen by the warm congratulatory message by the latter on the inauguration of President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

President Mnangagwa’s concerted efforts to engage and re-engage with the international community are leading Zimbabwe to economic recovery through building investor confidence following nearly two decades of isolation.